Compare Programs

The chart below offers a basic comparison of the degree programs' key features.

2 academic years
(19 months)
16 months full time (part time option available*) 2 academic years
(19 months)
1 academic year
(9 months)
1 academic year
(9 months)
16-24 months (full time) to 4 years (part time) 2 academic years
(19 months)
3-5 years 1 year
(12 months)
16 months (full time) to 24 months (part time)
Professional Experience
None required,
2 years recommended
2-4 years strongly recommended None required,
2 years recommended
8 years of professional experience required 2-4 years professional legal experience encouraged None required None required,
2 years recommended
None required,
2 years recommended
8 years of professional experience required At least 6 years of professional experience preferred
Age – Middle 50%
25-28 25-28 26-30 32-39 25-31 N/A 25-28 27-34 30-50 30-35
Entry Term
January or September September January or September January or September September only MS degree application deadlines:
  • Spring 2022 - November 15, 2021 (domestic only)
  • Fall 2022 - March 15, 2022
BA or BS/MS combined degree application deadlines:
  • Seniors - December 15
  • Juniors - March 15
September only September only June January, May or September
Entering Students
180 TBD 30 18 15 TBD 10 20 20 TBD
Number of Classes Required
16 14 18 8 8 Minimum of 10 courses and 30 credits over the course of 16-24 months, divided between computer science and policy studies. 12 and a required internship Minimum of 12 for external PhD candidates 11 in a core curriculum + 3 live residencies 11 + two immersions
MYF Admissions Option for College Seniors
Yes No Yes No No No No No No No


Master in Global Affairs Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
Specialized: Completion of one field of study (5-6 required  courses). Expansive: Completion of two fields of study (3-4 required courses). 
Upskilled: Two skills classes required plus those required in field. Distributional breadth requirement. Flexible: Skills courses available. Distributional breadth requirement. 
Experiential: Required practicum in field and optional summer internship for credit. Customized: Required capstone and optional internship (not for credit). Dual degrees and exchange programs permitted.
Intensive: 16 months total with summer classes required. Paced for exploration: 21 months total with no required summer classes.
Part time optional*: For visa purposes, international students are not allowed to be part time. Full time and part time: For more information about part time, please read the FAQs.
Residential and hybrid: Residential academic year, hybrid summer. Residential: All classes residential.

*Part-time MGA students need to take a minimum of 2 full-credit classes (6 SHUs) per term, including during two summer terms. International students must pursue the program on a full-time basis to maintain their immigration status. Students must select the full-time or the part-time option during the admissions process. Once enrolling on a part- or full-time basis, students cannot change their enrollment status unless there are compelling circumstances. The maximum time to complete the MGA degree part time is 28 months. Students who are enrolled on a part-time basis will not be permitted to audit any courses. Part-time students should be aware that most classes at Fletcher take place during working hours.

Professional Degrees

MGA - Master in Global Affairs
Build purposeful skills and expertise to propel you on the fast track into an impactful global career

MALD - Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
Highly flexible interdisciplinary degree in international affairs

MIB - Master of International Business
Hybrid international business and international affairs program

MA - Master of Arts
Self-designed mid-career program in international affairs

LLM - Master of Laws in International Law
International law program for legal professionals

MATA - Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs
A jointly-awarded degree by Fletcher and the College of Europe, with a focus on transatlantic issues

MAHA - Master of Arts in Humanitarian Affairs
A jointly-awarded degree by Fletcher and The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, with a focus on areas of nutrition, food policy, and economic, political, and social development as they relate to aid activities in complex emergencies

MS - Master of Science in Cybersecurity & Public Policy
This innovative, new master’s degree, unites those from both technology and policy backgrounds alike, preparing them to tackle the increasingly common and complex threats taking place in our global and digital world

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy in International Relations
Advanced study in international affairs

GMAP - Global Master of Arts
Interdisciplinary, cohort-based, mid to senior-level international affairs program with three live residencies and asynchronous instruction

GBA - Master of Global Business Administration
Designed for early- to mid-career professionals, this new degree offering allows students to engage with business and international affairs faculty, and each other, through live and recorded class sessions