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Organizations need global thinkers to solve today’s complex problems

Contemporary problems are complicated. Fletcher trains thinkers who can solve them with the nuance and attention they deserve.

Through its global affairs curriculum, Fletcher equips students to work multidimensionally. Not only do they recognize problems, but they foresee them, read between the lines, and synthesize solutions across fields and industries. If you build semiconductors, they’ll investigate the geopolitical context of what you’re creating. If you work on fisheries policy, a Fletcher graduate will collate the policy’s potential environmental, economic, and gender impacts. Global thinkers bring invaluable benefits to the workplace. 

Bring dynamic solutions to your workplace

Training the next generation of arms control mediators

Chiara Fargnoli studies international negotiation and conflict resolution, as well as technology and international affairs. With her degree, she plans to use mediation as a tool in discussions on arms control and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.  

“There is currently no framework that regulates the use and implementation of emerging technologies on the battlefield, and the number of states wanting to acquire nuclear capabilities is increasing. Therefore, I would like to engage in discussions with states’ representatives to create a framework that looks at and regulates these issues.” 

As a summer associate at Consensus Building Institute, Chiara got first-hand experience in conflict resolution and resolving small claim cases. She found that coursework at Fletcher was invaluable in preparing her as a mediator. 

“Courses in international mediation and processes of international negotiations have really helped me develop a critical thinking framework that enables me to ask strategic questions about what steps to take next in a negotiation, especially in difficult circumstances.”

“As a trained mediator I am currently mediating small claim cases. This is giving me the opportunity to keep practicing and strengthen my mediation skills while also tackling and helping solve real life issues that obstruct people's daily lives.” 

The Fletcher edge

“It does not matter what method you apply in your thesis, you must understand as many research methods as possible so that you are able to comprehend what others are writing. The faster you can accumulate more knowledge, the faster you can apply it to your work. The ability to connect the dots using different methods allows you to navigate new challenges that emerge, in the academy and beyond.”

Arunabha Ghosh, founder-CEO of the Council on Energy, Environment and Water

“I don’t know that I would get to have the same breadth of creativity if I didn’t go to Fletcher. At Fletcher, there was more interest in being creative and pushing the bounds, even if you didn’t come to a final conclusion at the end.”

Adrian Anderson F10, GM, Renewables & Carbon Free Energy & CDR, Microsoft