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Find–and build–a meaningful global career.

Whether you’ve come to Fletcher to pivot or plot your first step, a Fletcher education can help you build a dynamic, global career and explore the many forms of work in international affairs.

A global affairs degree doesn’t solely train you for a career in public service – it uniquely places you at the intersection of business, economics, law, policy, and technology. 

Fletcher graduates drive environmental policy at major technological companies and facilitate groundbreaking dialogue with NGOs. 

Just under half of Fletcher graduates typically work in the private sector. From banking to the boardroom, the private sector is one of the fastest ways to enact meaningful change – and employers value nimble thinkers who can bring interdisciplinary thinking to complex, global problems. Fletcher can help you hone your skillset, whether you’re interested in energy, consulting, or impact investing. 

Many Fletcher graduates also work in nonprofits – on average, nearly a third of alumni bring their global thinking to various organizations from academia to development finance, think tanks to humanitarian organizations. In the public sector, Fletcher alumni are leaders in government both in the United States and many other countries, including Japan, Qatar, Greece, and Thailand – from cybersecurity and defense to public policy to environmental sustainability.

A global career that takes you places

Bonny Ling

Building a social enterprise to support inclusive and sustainable economies: With Work Better Innovations, Bonny Ling F02 assists asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants with career development and community transition. 

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McKenzie Smith

Venture capital investments to fight climate change: At Patagonia’s Tin Shed Ventures, McKenzie Smith F17 uplifts novel innovations for a healthier planet.

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General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr.

Solving strategic problems with a military dimension; General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. F92 used his multidisciplinary point of view to confront complex challenges as 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 

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Rely on a network of allies

Ask any alum and you’ll notice one thing: Fletcher alumni love their Fletcher experience. When you enroll as a student, you join an international network of people who are passionate about effecting change on the global stage and uplifting their peers and future generations as they do so. Alumni are government ministers, professors, management consultants, NGO presidents, research analysts, ESG directors and–also–your biggest advocates. 

Get individual, expert support at every step. 

Fletcher’s Office of Career Services (OCS) is excited to partner with students in their career search, going beyond the standard to providing you with the tools you need to start your career search or orchestrate a pivot. OCS leverages its numerous partnerships and is dialed into industry trends to help you embark on your career search and get market ready. 

“Having the [GBA] program culminate with this job appointment was the fireworks ending to 2022. This is such a pinnacle moment for me in my career, and a natural progression of the way my life has unfolded.”

-Rhea Moss-Christian F22, Executive Director of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission