Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy

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Connecting Theory and Practice

The two-year Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD), Fletcher's flagship international affairs degree, is highly flexible and can be customized in numerous ways to meet specific academic, personal and professional goals. The two year program allows for students to explore different aspects of International Relations while benefitting from Fletcher's unique interdisciplinary approach that breaks down walls between disciplines and trains students to look across them for solutions.

Students cite the connection between theory and practice, the breadth of offerings across 11 fields of study, and the distinct value of the learning from each other, as Fletcher boasts an exceptionally diverse and international student body.

A career dedicated to creating lasting, positive change

Each year, MALD graduates accept leadership positions in the public, private, and non-profit sectors, as well as with international organizations. Employers around the world value Fletcher's unique multidisciplinary program, which produces graduates who have the practical skills and prowess to navigate our increasingly complex and globally integrated world.

Faculty at the forefront

Fletcher faculty are active practitioners in their fields; they advise presidents and policymakers, write for scholarly and popular journals, and conduct cutting-edge research to advance the understanding of international issues. Their active engagement with the world translates into stimulating classroom discussions, opportunities for research collaboration, and valuable career support. Their dedication means students have the opportunity to connect with faculty at all levels for guidance – forging relationships that extend well beyond their time at Fletcher.

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