Global Master of Arts Program

Advance your career or pivot to a new one

The Global Master of Arts Program is a hybrid master’s program that combines the best of in-person residencies with the flexibility of online studies. The program’s interdisciplinary curriculum provides the 360-degree perspective of international affairs that is essential to succeeding as a global leader. The first hybrid program of its kind, GMAP allows seasoned professionals to earn a Master of Arts in International Relations from anywhere in the world, while maintaining a full-time career.

The thoughtfully sequenced GMAP curriculum recognizes that the cultural, historical, and external forces that shape international affairs are deeply interconnected. Drawing from the broader Fletcher curriculum, GMAP’s coursework provides the skills and building blocks required by international affairs leaders in today’s complex and globally integrated world.

Alexey Dudarev, GMAP Class of 2023

In 2020, as Protection Officer for UNHCR Syria, I was the senior international UN staff in the coastal region and was leading the humanitarian response to wildfires ravaging the area, displacing thousands and wiping out agricultural lands. This experience made me realize that my knowledge of the international human rights framework, refugee law and my managerial skills were not sufficient to effectively respond to the changing nature of humanitarian crises and new patterns of displacement. This realization inspired me to return to school to build upon my skills.  Out of several international programmes aimed at working professionals I chose GMAP due to its multidisciplinary focus and its impressive alumni network. 

Alexey Dudarev, GMAP Class of 2023

    • Tackles complex global issues with Fletcher’s world-renowned faculty in essential areas of cyber-security, global economics, diplomacy, climate, governance, leadership, and others.
    • Builds career-advancing skills in the next generation of global leaders.
    • Combines the best of online cohort-based study with two in-person residencies on Fletcher’s Boston area campus and at an international location.
    • Extensive skill-building with experiential coursework and opportunities to engage with faculty, alumni, thought leaders, politicians, and business leaders.


    Mission Statement:

    “Founded in 2000, The Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) is a hybrid program that combines the best of in-person residency sessions with the flexibility of online studies. The degree’s interdisciplinary curriculum provides the 360-degree perspective of international affairs that’s essential to succeeding as a global leader. The first and only hybrid program of its kind, GMAP allows accomplished individuals to earn a Master of Arts in International Relations from anywhere, without interrupting their careers.”

  •  Summer Term:
    Initial Residency
    Courses: Global Leadership and Negotiation Strategy and Skills
    5/20/24 to 6/6/24Asynchronous coursework
    6/7/24 to 6/15/24Fletcher Residency
    6/17/24 to 6/23/24Asynchronous coursework
    Summer Module 
    Courses: Political Analysis: International Politics and Global Economy
    7/1/24 to 8/18/24Asynchronous coursework
    Summer Skill Summit
    8/19/24 to 8/22/24Asynchronous coursework
    8/23/24 to 8/25/24Live skill summit
    Fall Term:
    Fall 1 Module
    Courses: International Legal System and Global Economic Governance: Sustainable Trade and Investment
    9/2/24 to 10/20/24Asynchronous coursework
    Fall 2 Module
    Courses: Addressing Global Environmental Challenges and Global Security Governance: International Law and Institutions
    10/21/24 to 12/8/24Asynchronous coursework
    Fall Skill Summit 
    12/9/24-12/12/24Asynchronous coursework
    12/13/24-12/15/24Live skill summit
    Spring Term:
    Spring Module 1
    Courses: Policy Design and Evaluation and The Role of Force in the 21st Century International Security and Conflict Environment
    1/6/25-2/23/25Asynchronous coursework
    International Residency
    Courses: International Security Simulation and Generating Strategic and Effective Policies
    3/3/25 to 3/13/25Asynchronous coursework
    3/14/25 to 3/23/25International Residency
    Spring 2 Module
    Courses: Cyber Policy Analysis and Risk Management and Policy Implementation Final Project
    3/24/25 to 5/8/25:Asynchronous coursework
    5/18/25Fletcher Commencement
    Year Long Courses
    Leadership Lab
    6/17/24 to 5/8/25 Asynchronous coursework and two live sessions

Inside GMAP

“GMAP helps you find your place in the world […]. It provides so much context for who you are, and what this world is. It allows you to have rational paths forward.”

 -William Lee, GMAP Class of 2024

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Alumni Spotlight


I feel that joining Fletcher has been one of the best decisions I’ve recently made. It is a vibrant, intelligent, and very warm circle of dedicated people who share similar interest in international relations,” she concludes. “The professors are the best of the best, but the things you learn from discussions with your classmates are really priceless

H.E. Joyce Aluoch - Former First Vice President, The Hague, The Netherlands

Janine DiGiovanni

I honestly think I would not have the intellectual confidence to initiate the projects that I am now working on if I had not done Fletcher's GMAP. IT stretched my cognitive abilities but it also honed me - made me more incisive, enhancing and surpassing my previous capacities. It made me feel that if I could do this - I could do anything. Incredibly empowering

Janine DiGiovanni - Senior Fellow, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, Yale University

Harriet Cross

I have made friends for life and have access to a vast network of Fletcher alumni who are in every corner of the globe doing all sorts of really interesting work

Harriet Cross - British Consul General to New England, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Mohamad Al-Arif

Fletcher's GMAP is the program for mid-careers on the cusp of leadership roles and who cannot leave their jobs. The program helps connect the dots between global affairs and public policy

Mohamad Al-Arif - Commissioner, Indonesia Infrastructure Finance

GMAP Alumni Podcast by Philippe Rose and Christian Bachheimer

At the Coalface is conversations among friends working in international affairs. What connects us is our desire to think beyond ideologies and noisy headlines. We took time away from our jobs to think deeply about our world during the Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) at the Fletcher School. We learned about international trade, security, negotiations, leadership and more and work in these fields as practitioners. This podcast is our space for candid chats about our life stories and the lessons learned at the coalface.

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