Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance


People who work in humanitarian aid understand that the global landscape is changing. The number of people who need assistance is increasing. War and climate change jeopardize food security for people around the world. Providing people with the support they need to live with dignity requires ingenuity and innovation.

The Master of Arts in Humanitarian Affairs (MAHA) is designed for practitioners working at the nexus of nutrition, food policy, and economic, political, and social development around the world. Administered jointly by The Fletcher School and The Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, the MAHA provides key skills training to help you lead humanitarian action around the world. 

Build real-world experience with humanitarian interventions through study and research at the Feinstein International Center, and prepare for a career with a major NGO, INGO, or government agency. 

Meet Teddy Atim F08. For more than 15 years, Atim has worked as a practitioner and researcher in humanitarian emergencies and post-conflict settings in Africa. Today, she finds herself back at The Fletcher School, where she is a visiting fellow at the Feinstein International Center.

Teddy Atim

The Fletcher MAHA degree program was instrumental in preparing me for this role in many ways: I developed the critical and analytical skills that I needed to undertake research, synthesize it, and communicate it to a variety of audiences. It also enabled me to link the things I see on the ground to a larger conversation at the global level, in terms of making sense of what’s ongoing in the field.

The degree has also enabled me to command authority and respect in my field. I have repeatedly been told by other colleagues in the field how prestigious a Fletcher degree is. It has enabled me to occupy spaces and develop critical networks with other like-minded individuals, organizations, and institutions, giving me the opportunity to contribute in many ways to making the world a better place.

Teddy Atim

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