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GMA P215: Global Environmental Diplomacy

Course Description

In the past 25 years, global environment and resource policy has joined human rights and humanitarian and development issues at the forefront of international policy. Developing sound agreements requires an ability on the part of the diplomat, political leader, corporate decision-maker, or environmental practitioner to understand the scientific basis of the problem, the economic costs of addressing or not addressing it, and the technological and political possibilities for proposed solutions. In this module students will examine a diverse suite of environmental issues ranging from ocean fisheries to forest conservation, all the while examining each issue through the lens of climate change. The module will explore how environmental challenges arise to become part of the international agenda, how environmental treaties are negotiated, and how their implementation takes place in industrial and developing countries. (Spring Term, half semester)

Course faculty: William Moomaw, Charles Chester
Course duration: Second half
Credits/Units: 1.5