GMAP Program Structure

The GMAP curriculum will fortify graduates' capabilities to negotiate and lead through dedicated courses designed to provide a focus on adaptive global leadership in international relations through multi-disciplinary analysis. The GMAP core curriculum will equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex and nuanced intersections among key subject areas.

Online Skill Summits

Program Structure

The Global Master of Arts Program is designed to be completed in 12 months, during which time students maintain their fulltime professional careers.

The GMAP program structure consists of three types of courses:

  1. Two Intensive In-Person Residencies. The initial residency is held at The Fletcher School and the midyear residency is held at an international location. Each residency is 7-9 days in length and will focus on real-world simulations, community building activities, and team projects.
  2. Six-Week Online Modules. The GMAP curriculum is sequenced through five six-week online modules consisting of asynchronous online instruction such as pre-recorded lecturers and discussion boards, periodic live zoom sessions with faculty, and assignments and group projects.
  3. Two Intensive Online Skill Summits. To sharpen students' skills, GMAP will offer two weekend-long live, interactive online Skill Summits in the Spring and Summer.
Intensive In-Person Residencies
Six-Week Online Modules
Intensive Online Skill Summits

Academic Year

Below is a quick-glance view of the GMAP Academic Year.

The GMAP Academic Year is divided into three terms: Summer, Fall, and Spring.


Initial Residency
Summer Module
Intensive Summer Skill Summit
Fall 1 Module
Fall 2 Module
Winter Break
Spring 1 Module
Midyear Residency
Spring 2 Module
Intensive Spring Skill Summit
Fletcher Commencement