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The LL.M. program is a residential program lasting one full academic year, with four courses each semester. Five to six courses are taken within the international law and organizations (ILO) division. One course is taken from the diplomacy, history, and politics (DHP) division in the Fletcher curriculum, and one course is taken from the economics and international business (EIB) division.  These courses are offered to all Fletcher students, enabling LL.M. students to gain full exposure to the multidisciplinary approach that characterizes The Fletcher School and distinguishes our LL.M. from other U.S. LL.M. programs. Students also have the opportunity to cross-register for a limited number of courses at Harvard or other Tufts graduate schools.

Every Fletcher student, including LL.M. students, must complete a capstone project as a requirement for graduation. The capstone project must evidence scholarly and/or professional analysis informed by the sustained and appropriate application of analytical methodologies, and be presented as a written final product. Students work closely with a faculty advisor to develop and write their capstone project.

LL.M. students are required to attend the High Table series, which are held throughout the year.  Students also participate in the capstone retreat at the end of the academic year, where students present summaries of their theses, reflect upon the year's studies, and engage in discussions with legal practitioners and scholars. This retreat is normally held outside the Tufts campus.

If English is their primary language, LL.M. candidates are required to pass a foreign language proficiency exam.  Foreign language proficiency is not a requirement for admission, but it is a requirement for graduation from The Fletcher School. We recommend that applicants address their foreign language proficiency before the commencement of the academic year.

Curriculum Courses

All courses offered at Fletcher are open to LL.M. students, including courses in diplomacy, history and politics; economics and international business; and of course international law and organizations. A selection of law courses are listed below. For a complete listing of Fletcher courses please visit the general course listing page.

ILO L200: The International Legal Order

ILO L201: Public International Law

ILO L203: International Law in International Relations

ILO L209: International Treaty Behavior: A Perspective on Globalization

ILO L210: International Human Rights Law

ILO L211: Current Issues in Human Rights

ILO L212: Seminar on Nationalism, Self-Determination and Minority Rights

ILO L213: International Criminal Law

ILO L214: Transitional Justice

ILO L216: Seminar on Human Rights in Africa

ILO L220: International Organizations

ILO L221: Seminar on Actors in Global Governance

ILO L223: Seminar on International Environmental Law

ILO L224: Seminar on Peace Operations

ILO L230: International Business Transactions

ILO L232: Seminar on International Investment Law

ILO L233: International Financial and Fiscal Law

ILO L234: International Intellectual Property Law and Policy

ILO L236m: Securities Regulation: An International Perspective

ILO L237: Mergers and Acquisitions: An International Perspective

ILO L239m: Corporate Governance in International Business and Finance

ILO L240: Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade

ILO L243: Seminar on International Legal Aspects of Globalization

ILO L250: Law and Development

ILO L251: Comparative Legal Systems

ILO L252: Rule of Law in Post Conflict Societies

ILO L262: Foreign Relations and National Security Law

ILO L264m: Non-Proliferation Law and Institutions

ILO L270m: Legal Research, Writing, and Oral Advocacy

DHP P207: Seminar on International Politics and International Law