LLM Special Events

People sitting around a dining table

High Table Symposium

Among the distinctive features of the program is the "High Table" luncheon series. High Table luncheons for LLM students and faculty occur throughout the academic year, and feature presentations by outside experts from the public and private sectors, faculty, visiting scholars, and other guest speakers. The High Table allows unique access and opportunities to engage in an invitation-only conversation, providing students with insights drawn from the personal experiences of the speakers.

Capstone Retreat

The three-day, year-end capstone retreat is another unique feature of the program. Students have the opportunity to complete their year of study by listening to and exchanging ideas with guest speakers, the Fletcher law faculty, and their fellow classmates, in a residential setting that is both stimulating and relatively informal. Contacts made during the retreat have led to employment opportunities, publishing outlets for thesis work, and cementing relationships with friends and colleagues.