Academic Divisions & Courses

All Fletcher courses are offered through one of three divisional classifications. The divisions tend to correspond to traditional academic disciplines or departments. Coursework from across the three divisions ensure a breadth of knowledge.

International Law and Organization (ILO) courses

The division of ILO offers courses and specialized seminars on various aspects of public international law, international organizations, human rights, international business and economic law, and law and development.

ILO courses

Diplomacy, History and Politics (DHP) courses

The division of DHP focuses on foreign policies of various nations that are often, though not exclusively, grouped by geographic regions. Principle offerings include courses in international information and communications, international environmental and resource policy, negotiation and dispute resolution, political economy, political systems and theories, international security, leadership and statecraft, and comparative and developmental politics.

DHP courses

Economics and International Business (EIB) courses

The division of EIB includes courses related to international trade and finance, the economics of developing countries, problems of energy, resources, food and agriculture, international business management, and international business finance. In addition, a number of courses in methodology and theory are offered for candidates emphasizing economics.

EIB courses

Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP) courses

The Global Master of Arts Program is an interdisciplinary, cohort-based, mid to senior-level international affairs program with three two-week residencies and internet-mediated instruction. This hybrid program combines the best of in-person resident sessions with the flexibility of online studies. Courses in the GMA division are only available to those students enrolled in GMAP.

GMAP courses