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Fields of study are areas of specialization or concentration that are used to meet the School's depth requirement. As the basic building blocks of the Fletcher curriculum, fields enable students to develop a specific set of skills related to a functional topic or geographic area. MALD and MIB students are required to graduate with two fields of study.

Learn more about the fields of study offered, as well as the ability to self-design a specific field. For a listing of specific requirements for each field, please view the Field of Study Guide.

For students who wish to focus their course of study on a specific region, visit Fletcher Around the World for more information.  

*Not open to MIB students

International Business Fields for MIB Students

Students in the MIB program must complete one of these four international business fields of study along with one international affairs (MALD/Ph.D.) field of study (listed above). Non-MIB students may petition to complete an MIB field of study.