International Economic Relations

The International Economic Relations field focuses on the consequences of the economic interaction among countries and the policies that affect these interactions and their economic outcomes. Interactions include trade in goods, services, assets, and technologies. There are a wide set of policies that affect these interactions and have broader economic implications, including prudential and preferential rules and regulations on international trade, tariffs, trade quotas, controls on international financial flows, and the choice of having a market-determined or government-managed exchange rate, as well as the spillover effects of domestic macroeconomic policies.  There are important consequences of these interactions and policies, including unemployment and inflation, the rise or fall of particular industries, the outcomes for different groups of workers and, more broadly, national welfare, economic stability, inequality and political outcomes. The coursework in this field prepares students through the teaching of economic theory, political theory, statistics and empirical analyses.

Field Requirements

6 courses 

Total Credits Required

MALD and MIB: 18.0 credits

MGA: 18.0 credits plus Practicum

  • Prerequisite courses or equivalency exams may be required   

    DHP P217 Politics of the Global Economy (3.0 credits)

    EIB E213 Econometrics (3.0 credits)

    EIB E220 International Trade and Investment (3.0 credits)

    EIB E230 International Finance (3.0 credits)

  • Students are also required to take two additional courses (6.0 credits) to complete this field, one from an approved list of DHP courses (3.0 credits) and another from an approved list of ILO courses (3.0 credits).  

    Approved DHP courses (3.0 credits):

    DHP D205 Global Maritime Affairs
    DHP D238 Current Issues in Global Immigration Policy
    DHP H202 Maritime History and Globalization
    DHP P207 GIS for International Applications
    DHP P209M Demography and National Security
    DHP P212 Political Economy of the Global Arms Trade
    DHP P216 Research and Writing in the Global Political Economy
    DHP P218 Global Political Economy: Comparative and Critical Perspectives
    DHP P219 Political Economy of Development
    DHP P236 Cyber in the Civilian Sector: Threats and Upheavals
    DHP P255 International Energy Policy
    DHP P287M Political Economy and Business of the European Union
    DHP P289M Macroeconomic Environment for Business in Latin America

    Approved ILO courses (3.0 credits)

    ILO L209M International Treaty Behavior: A Perspective on Globalization
    ILO L220 International Organizations
    ILO L221 Actors in Global Governance
    ILO L230 International Business Transactions
    ILO L231M International Arbitration
    ILO L232 International Investment Law
    ILO L233 International Financial and Fiscal Law
    ILO L237 Mergers and Acquisitions: An International Perspective
    ILO L240 Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade
    ILO L250 Law and Development

  • Students with an interest in economics are encouraged, but not required, to take: 

    EIB E210M Quantitative Methods 

    EIB E211 Microeconomics 

    EIB E212M Macroeconomics 

    EIB E219M Economic Theory and Policy 

    EIB E221 Advanced Seminar on International Trade and Investment

  • One skills course is required for the MGA. MALD and MIB students may not use these courses as a field elective unless otherwise indicated above.

    DHP D208M Research Methods and Scholarship

    DHP D218 Influencing Policy and the Global Debate: Writing Analysis and Opinion 

    DHP D220 Processes of International Negotiation

    DHP D225 Conflict Resolution Practice 

    DHP D243M Overview of Survey Methods 

    DHP D245M Working in Difficult Research Environments with Vulnerable Populations: Advanced Field Research Methods 

    DHP D258 Introduction to Data Science for Global Applications

    DHP P203 Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions 

    DHP P207 GIS for International Applications

    DHP P225 Design, Monitoring, and Evaluation

    DHP P234 The Arts of Communication 

    DHP P250 Environmental Problem Solving 

    DHP P289 Advanced Geospatial Modeling

    EIB B205 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods 

    EIB B206 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business

    EIB B262 Marketing Research and Analysis 

    EIB B291 Leadership Building Teams, Organizations, and Shaping Your Path 

    EIB E210M Quantitative Methods

    EIB E213 Econometrics 

    EIB E214 International Economic Policy Analysis 

    EIB E247 Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development

    ILO L215 Ethics in the Practice of Foreign Affairs

  • A practicum is required for MGA students.