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GMA L220: Global Governance: Political Affairs

Course Description

Global governance is a dynamic, important and increasingly complex dimension of world politics. This course provides an introduction to the field, focusing on the law and practice of global governance institutions in the political and security realms. It is a companion to the Global Governance – Economic Affairs. It begins by exploring alternative theoretical perspectives, drawing on the principal strands of international relations and international legal theory. It then provides an overview of the institutions of global governance: formal inter-governmental organizations (such as the United Nations); informal inter-governmental institutions (such as the G-20); non-governmental actors (both NGOs and business); and so-called public-private partnerships.  The second part of the course is devoted to selected issue areas: collective security, peace operations, nuclear non-proliferation, human rights, sustainable development and global health governance. The course concludes with a session on the legitimacy of global governance its future in these turbulent times. 

Course faculty: Ian Johnstone
Course duration: Second half
Credits/Units: 1.5