Research in Action

Meaningful analysis that drives policy forward

Find Faculty by Area of Expertise

Meaningful analysis that drives policy forward

Find Faculty by Area of Expertise

Fletcher’s legacy of enacting change begins with an in-depth, critical examination of the policy challenges shaping the world around us. Our students are given a unique opportunity to engage directly in important research, working alongside our world-renowned faculty through our various research centers. They gain skills that enable them to produce original research of their own, building on Fletcher’s long-standing reputation as a hub for meaningful analysis and commentary on the current state of international affairs.

Industry experts dedicated to impact

Fletcher faculty are leaders in their fields, and devote themselves to tackling some of today’s most critical global challenges. They advise presidents and policy makers, write important pieces for scholarly and popular journals, and produce research that advances our understanding of the international affairs landscape. For decades, Fletcher faculty have made our school a leading hub for cutting-edge research that pushes diplomacy forward – both on campus and around the world.

Stories of Research in Action

Learn about all the ways that Fletcher students and faculty are advancing understanding of contemporary world issues through in-depth analysis of the international affairs landscape.

Research Centers and Programs

Discover how our various research centers and programs add a level of depth to our academic offerings through cutting-edge research activities, conferences, and speaker series.

Fletcher Publications and Student Capstones

A collection of recent publications and past student capstones.

Ginn Library

Home to over 120,000 volumes – including 270 current periodicals and serials – and more than 30,000 electronic resources and databases, the Ginn Library is a critical resource for supporting research and teaching across all disciplines at Fletcher.

Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund

The Fletcher Educational Enrichment Fund (FEEF) makes small grants to allow students to participate in a variety of experiential activities that extend and enrich their course of study.