Worldwide care, in focus

Offered in partnership with the Tufts University School of Medicine, Fletcher's combined MD/MA degree program* develops leaders who are well-educated in both medicine and international affairs. By providing both clinical training and a grounding in international diplomacy, language, and business, the MD/MA program bridges the gap between international relations and medicine to develop physicians who approach healthcare with a truly global perspective. Students graduate ready to implement effective health and medical care programs throughout the world.

*Applicants for the MD/MA combined degree program must submit both the Fletcher MA Application and apply to the School of Medicine, which involves submitting an MD/MA combined degree program application as part of the TUSM Secondary Application. Information regarding the MA in International Relations can be found here, on the Fletcher website. Questions can be directed to the School of Medicine's Office of Admissions.

The intersection of science and international affairs

Health is a critical factor in creating and preserving socioeconomic stability and welfare in all corners of the world. The MD/MA program produces skilled physicians who are also well versed in the principles of international law, politics, economics, and business within the context of our increasingly globalized society. Graduates tackle important health issues with a deep understanding of how they impact – and are impacted by – environmental conservation, democratic participation, economic stability, and gender equity.

Our students go on to pursue jobs at organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ford Foundation, the U.N., USAID, and the U.S. Foreign Service. They work closely with fellow health professionals as well as with diplomats, government officials, legislators, and business leaders responsible for implementing health-related programs worldwide.