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At Fletcher, we don't just study global affairs, we shape them.

For nearly 90 years, Fletcher has innovated the study and practice of international affairs, leading at the intersections of the most complex global challenges, in the context of an ever-evolving world.

In a global environment that is hotter, flatter, faster, increasingly unequal, and increasingly uncertain, the world needs Fletcher now more than ever.

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What distinguishes the Fletcher Experience?

  • A faculty of globally-sought after experts and practitioners who invest personally in your academic journey
  • A world-class, forward-looking and interdisciplinary approach to the teaching and study of global affairs
  • An exceptionally diverse student body, who enrich and inform the experience inside and outside the classroom
  • A category-of-one, lifelong global alumni community of "Fletcherites" that pride themselves in their unique bond to each other
Fletcher School

Who comes to Fletcher?

We attract:

  • Students who share our commitment to achieving a more just and peaceful world, and who seek to join and be active contributors to a life-long community of global professionals
  • Employers looking for graduates who are able to analyze problems across disciplines, and lead at the intersections of those disciplines
  • Managers seeking relevant, real-world training for their highest potential employees 
  • Partners aiming to collaborate with our faculty, students and alumni to address today's most daunting problems

Whether you're looking to build upon your existing skills, at a crossroads seeking clarity for your path forward, or in search of world-class, real-time, focused training in a specific field, Fletcher has a program ​for you. Reach out to learn how a Fletcher program will help you achieve your professional goals and increase your value to your current organization or to your next employer.

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