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Business thinking for a truly global world

Fletcher’s Master of International Business (MIB) combines a grounding in foundational business skills with a contextual knowledge of the forces driving international affairs and global business. Comparable to a dual MBA-international affairs degree, the MIB allows students to develop deep competency in international business practices and a nuanced understanding of core areas that impact international affairs, including geopolitics, law, and economics.

Business through an international lens

Context is a critical component of sound decision-making – and breadth of knowledge is what creates great analytical thinkers and leaders. The MIB program prepares students to be future leaders by honing the analytical skills that allow them to connect the dots across many different arenas including business, politics, law, and economics. MIB alumni go on to leadership roles in multinational companies and international NGOs, serve as diplomats, and create social impact through their work in public policy.

Develop contextual intelligence

What makes the MIB unique? The program is a hybrid business/international affairs degree that teaches students the most crucial business skills, as well as the international savvy needed to succeed in a global business environment. Through flexible electives and two fields of study – one in international business and the other in international affairs – the MIB curriculum ensures that students understand how companies operate in the complex context of our globalized society.