Unparalleled Training For The Front Lines

Abigail Linnington

Abigail Linnington

International Security Studies Professor Abigail Linnington’s extensive military experience, coupled with her Fletcher education—both a MALD and PhD—helped shape her thinking and understanding about technology and scientific development—how it impacts the global landscape and plays a vital role in international security policy and strategy.

In her faculty role, she draws upon her background as a United States Army veteran, military strategist and aviator, and Fletcher alumna to train the next generation of global leaders on the crucial strategic and problem-solving skills necessary to transform our world. 

About seven years into her service as a junior military officer and during a pivotal point in her army career, Linnington decided to study at Fletcher. This, she says, set her on a path to becoming a military strategist and educator. “After several assignments at the tactical level, Fletcher vastly expanded my thinking about the U.S.’ role in the world, the use of force, and the field of conflict resolution at a juncture in my career development where I could absorb those lessons.”

She was also fortunate that the army was sponsoring her Fletcher training in preparation to return to West Point and teach. “There is nothing more powerful to hone the mind than the motivation of teaching smart young cadets international relations, negotiations, and conflict management, knowing that many of them would soon deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq shortly after graduation.”

For Linnington, it was the best assignment the Army had given her to date, and it inspired her to return to teaching.

She describes the ethos of service that pervades Fletcher’s campus and global community. “Our community is comprised of students, faculty, and staff drawn to non-profit and humanitarian work, drawn to public service, drawn to private sector work with an eye toward social responsibility. So when we talk about service at Fletcher, it extends well beyond military service—it is a culture in which many people and practitioners find a common cause to serve humanity globally.” 

“I love that about our school.”

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