Student Council and Committees

Multiple students sitting around tables while talking

At Fletcher, students play an active role in the governance of the school. As a Fletcher student, you will have the opportunity to serve on Student Council or on one of our school-wide committees.

Student Council

Elected each year by you and your peers, the Student Council serves as a forum for students to engage in dialogue with the administration about issues on campus. The Student Council also oversees student groups and allocates funding to each organization.

The Student Council represents the entire student body and is comprised of three first-year representatives, three second-year representatives, and one PhD student representative.


Fletcher students are also active members of faculty-chaired committees. Joining a committee will give you a unique opportunity to work alongside faculty, administrators, and fellow students in key areas of the school.

Students are members of the following committees:

  • Committee on Admissions
  • Committee on Academic Integrity
  • Committee on Career Services
  • Committee on Diversity and Inclusiveness
  • Committee on Student Academic Programs
  • Committee on the PhD Program