Fletcher PhD Graduates

Roxani Krystalli

I loved asking—and answering—feminist questions at Fletcher, whether in the classroom, at student conferences and activities, or among friends. I am now a Lecturer (UK parlance for Assistant Professor) at the University of St Andrews, where I focus on various dimensions of feminist peace and conflict studies. Fletcher’s interdisciplinary training, the focus on applications of theory in policy and practice, and the sense of community travel with me every day

Roxani Krystalli, Class of 2020 - School of International Relations - University of St. Andrews, Scotland

Jeremy Gwinn

The decision to pursue a PhD at Fletcher has turned out to be one of the most impactful of my professional life, perhaps second only to my decision to enter military service in the first place. The experience has helped put my prior operational experience into strategic context and equipped me going forward with the necessary tools to contribute at the highest levels of U.S. national security.

Jeremy Gwinn, Class of 2020 - Chief of Staff, Army Strategic Operations Washington, DC

Rizwan Ladha

I am so grateful to Fletcher not just for a world-class education and the soft skills I learned -- which have served me immeasurably across my years of experience in national security, the aerospace & defense industry, and consulting -- but also for the deep relationships that I've carried forward with me to this day. In every single organization I've worked in, I have always found fellow alumni, and the immediate connection and deep bond that comes from having attended Fletcher is a testament to how special of a place the School is.

Rizwan Ladha, Class of 2017 - Consultant - Boston Consulting Group

Deborshi Barat

As a capital markets and corporate lawyer, I wanted to understand the role of policy and politics behind articulations of the law, including in terms of foreign investment and company strategy. While addressing client needs and market demands obviously remains important, the rough-and-tumble of everyday practice tends to insulate legal practitioners from regulatory complexities and the interface of law and policy making, especially in the global arena. Working with several foreign clients made me want to study international business laws along with their implications on international and organizational relations, investment, developmental outcomes and the political economy. Fletcher proved to be an ideal choice in this regard.

Deborshi Barat, Class of 2022 - Counsel - S&R Associates