Registrar and Office of Academic Advising

The Registrar and Office of Academic Advising at The Fletcher School oversees registration, cross-registration, degree progress, graduation, academic advising, course scheduling, transcript requests, enrollment verification, and other academic matters.

We are open for in-person service in Goddard Hall room G212. You may also reach us by email to Our response time is typically 1-2 business days.

Student Handbook

Fletcher students are on a mission to make the world a better place, starting with our Tufts University community. Download the Student Handbook for details on The Fletcher School’s degree requirements, academic policies and procedures, code of conduct, and resources.

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Fletcher only has cross-registration agreements with Tufts University and the Harvard University graduate schools. Fletcher does not have cross-registration agreements with any other universities in the Boston area.

All cross-registered courses must be graduate-level courses. Students may cross-register for up to 25% of their courses while at Fletcher. Students enrolled full-time are permitted to take no more than the equivalent of 6.0 Fletcher course credits at Tufts or Harvard in a given semester.

  • Students may not audit a Harvard or Tufts graduate course. Students interested in auditing a Tufts language course should contact the Registrar's office. 

  • Cross-registration for courses at Tufts University can be completed online through SIS. To cross-register at a Tufts University school other than Fletcher, students should follow the steps outlined by the SIS team. Be sure to keep a spot open on your SIS record for the cross-registered course to be automatically added once the petition has been approved by the Tufts professor and the AS&E Registrar’s Office (Dowling Hall). Just in case, you may unofficially follow a back-up Fletcher course.

    Please remember to follow the host school’s instructions in regards to checking on course admittance and if any additional forms are needed. Remember to obtain a copy of the host school’s academic calendar as dates will be different than those of Fletcher. It is also recommended to check the final exam schedule to avoid any conflicts with Fletcher final exams.

  • Before cross-registering at Harvard, please ensure that you read and understand all cross-registration policies. It is your responsibility to know the policies before cross-registering.

    Please check each Harvard school’s website for the cross-registration enrollment dates. There is no pre-registration for Harvard courses. Each school normally gives priority to its own students so it is always best to register for a back-up Fletcher course and then drop it if need be. A Harvard instructor’s approval does not guarantee a spot in the course. Some courses have required fees for access to articles and specific software. These fees are not always well advertised so if you are concerned about a potential fee, please follow up with the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office directly for more information before you enroll in the course.

    Note: For all those interested in enrolling in Harvard Business School courses, HBS courses have a course fee associated with the course [typically $100 for 1.5 credit courses, and $200 for 3.0 credit courses, though subject to change] the fee covers all course materials for the course. As a course materials fee, it is the responsibility of the student to pay the fee.

    Please closely review the Harvard cross-registration instructions below and visit the My.Harvard cross-registration portal to set up a Harvard key. The Harvard key will either be synced to a current Harvard ID (HUID) or create a new HUID for you if this is your first time cross-registering. You will then receive an email from Harvard IT asking you validate your Harvard key. This will give you access to your own course enrollment page in Please know you must follow this process each semester you are attempting to cross-register, even if you have already set up a Harvard Key.

    If you have questions in regards to cross-registration dates or course specifics, please contact the appropriate Harvard Registrar’s Office.

    If you have any technical issues or receive any errors when trying to cross-register through the system, please first contact Should the issue continue, try the registrar's office of the school you are attempting to cross register for and attach a screenshot of the error message.

  • All courses taken during the winter term will be counted toward the spring term – no exceptions.

  • Current students please visit MyFletcher for additional details. 

Transfer Credit

Fletcher students bring to their programs distinctive experiences. Transfer credits may be accepted for the following programs:

  • Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) and Master of International Business (MIB): No more than four courses may be transferred for credit. MALD students may submit a CSAP petition for transfer credit. It should be done as early in their Fletcher careers as possible. 
  • Online Master of Global Business Administration (GBA): May petition for up to nine credits of transfer credit, which may be applied to elective courses only. 
  • Dual-degree candidates: Students may transfer no more than the equivalent of four courses (including cross-registered courses taken while enrolled at Fletcher) for MALD degree requirements. The only exception to the four-course limit applies to official participants in Fletcher’s degree programs with the Diplomatic Academy in Vienna and the University of St. Gallen. 
    • Dual degree candidates are cautioned that courses they plan to offer for transfer credit should not be taken during the same semester that they intend to graduate from Fletcher. Due to differences in academic calendars, the final grades and official transcripts for these courses may not reach the Registrar’s Office in time for degree approval that semester. Dual degree students are also cautioned that transferred courses may not be offered to meet breadth requirements.

Transfer credit is not an option for programs in Master in Global Affairs (MGA), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Laws in International Law (LLM), and Global Master of Arts Program (GMAP).

  • Students should submit a CSAP petition at least three months prior to the semester when they plan to reduce their enrollment so the Registrar’s Office can accurately manage the student’s future enrollment and tuition charges. Students who reduce their enrollment after the start of the term will be subject to the University Refund Policy.

    Petitions for transfer credit will be reviewed providing:

    • The course was taken at an accredited graduate school and is comparable to course offerings at Fletcher
    • The student was registered as a graduate student at the time the coursework was completed
    • The grade received is a B- or better and an official transcript is submitted
    • A course description, reading list, or bibliography are submitted
    • The course is evaluated and approved by a Fletcher faculty member who offers coursework in this area
    • The student presents a strong justification as to the relevance of the proposed transfer credit to their academic program at Fletcher
    • The courses were not offered toward a prior degree
    • If transferring multiple courses, all courses and supporting material are presented as a complete package at one time
    • Online courses are allowed for transfer credit with the approval of a Fletcher faculty member

    Transfer credit approved by CSAP will not be entered on the Fletcher transcript until an official transcript is received.

Official Transcript Requests

For transcript requests, Tufts University has partnered with Parchment to create electronic transcripts that can be emailed to you within an hour of submitting your request. You can purchase them by making an account with Parchment and searching for Tufts University.

At the above link, select “Order my Transcript or credentials” from the drop-down menu. Search for Tufts University in the search bar and select “Order your own credentials or academic records” on the subsequent screen. From there you will need to create your account and the system will walk you through the rest of the process.

The process may say that it is searching for your records. If so, please contact   

    1. Log into Student Information System (SIS) using your Tufts login. Current students and alumni can log into SIS using their Tufts credentials. If you do not remember your Tufts SIS credentials you can use Tufts Tools to recall or reset your Username or Password.
    2. Click the Academics tab and select Official Transcript.
    3. For Delivery Options, choose "Request an electronic transcript or a paper transcript with expedited delivery."
    4. You will be taken to an external site. Log in with your Tufts username and password and follow the instructions to enter recipient information and payment details.
    5. In most cases, electronic transcripts are delivered within one hour.
    1. Log into Student Information System (SIS) using your Tufts login. Current students and alumni can log into SIS using their Tufts credentials. If you do not remember your Tufts SIS credentials you can use Tufts Tools to recall or reset your Username or Password.
    2. Click the Academics tab and select Official Transcript.
    3. For Delivery Options, choose "Request a paper transcript to be mailed USPS First Class mail or to be picked up in person" to have your transcript mailed or available for pick up in Goddard Hall.
    4. On the next screen, indicate whether the transcript will be mailed or held at the Fletcher registrar's office in Goddard Hall. Then select Academic Career: Fletcher
    5. Select Processing Options: choose whether to have the transcript printed immediately use Immediate Processing. To print after the end of the current term, use the Grades Posting option.
    6. Enter the Quantity.
    7. Check Send to My Address (Issued to Student name will fill in automatically) and select Address Type.

      OR to add recipient address: Enter the name of Recipient and click Edit Address to add recipient's address.

    8. Click Submit.
    9. Requests for paper transcripts will be mailed or available for pick-up two business days after ordering.

    You may purchase expedited shipping from our online store. This allows for a tracking number and prevents your transcript from becoming lost in the mail. You can pay for the shipping fees of your transcript through our online store.

    Once you submit your payments please email about your purchase, so we may process your request as quickly as possible.

    1. The Transcript Request Form is available for former and current Fletcher students who are unable to log into SIS. If you do not remember your Tufts SIS credentials you can use Tufts Tools to recall or reset your Username or Password.
    2. To obtain an official paper transcript download the form, then complete and sign. There is no charge for official paper transcripts. All requests must have an original signature or verified digital signature. Unofficial transcripts can be downloaded from SIS.
    3. To have your transcripts express mailed, provide a pre-paid shipping label.
    4. To submit this form, email it to, fax it to 617-627-4028, or mail it to:

    The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

    Tufts University

    Registrar’s Office     
    160 Packard Ave     
    Medford, MA 02155

Name Change

A name change request must be accompanied by legal documentation, such as a court document, marriage license, valid driver's license, Social Security Card or a passport. The name change will be reflected on your student record, and reference to the former name will be maintained for search purposes only.

  1. Current students who have completed their name change with the Fletcher Registrar's Office can submit a request to to update your email alias/address and any other Tufts services you may use.
  2. Update your information in the Tufts Emergency Notification System
  3. Request a new Student ID; your name must first be updated in the campus directory (
  4. Residential students should contact in Health Services in order to have your name updated in Medicat.

Alumni who wish to update diplomas may order a new diploma through the Fletcher Registrar’s Office Services uStore

Please note, your new diploma may differ from your original diploma in that it will be signed by the current Dean of Fletcher and President of Tufts University.


Review available forms below. 

Staff Contacts

Mailing address

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Tufts University

Registrar’s Office

160 Packard Ave     
Medford, MA 02155     

Campus location

Goddard Hall room G212 

Get in touch


Phone: 617-627-3055     
Fax: 617-627-4028

Office staff

Andrew Marx     

Areas of Responsibility: Academic Regulations, Academic Calendar, Academic Advising, Class Scheduling, Classrooms

Bill Ramsay     
Associate Registrar     

Areas of Responsibility: Degree Advising, Graduation, Registration

Joey Renzi     
Assistant Registrar     

Areas of Responsibility: Cross-registration, Final Exams, Equivalency and Foreign Language Study, Diplomas

Academic Advising & Resources

Fletcher’s degree programs are diverse, and each program has specific requirements for completion. The following resources provide additional information on programs, plans of study, and course curriculum.

Plans of Study and Program Overviews

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MIB Academic Plan of Study (for students entering fall 2023 or later)MIB Degree Program Overview (Slides)
MIB:QM Academic Plan of Study (for students entering fall 2023 or later)MIB:QM Program Overview (Slides)
LLM Academic Plan of StudyLLM Degree Program Overview (Slides)
MA Academic Plan of StudyMA Degree Program Overview (Slides)
MATA Academic Plan of StudyMATA Degree Program Overview (Slides)

Additional Resources

Curriculum Overview (Slides)

Curriculum Overview in One Slide (Slide)

Building Your Class Schedule (Slides)

Understanding the Capstone Process (Slides)

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