Planned Course Offerings

The following is a list of courses that are expected to be offered in the academic year 2023-2024. Confirmed scheduling information will be listed in SIS and on the Fletcher class schedule page.

Planned Course Offerings Fall 2023

Course No. and Title

DHP D219 Public Diplomacy in the Global Information Age
DHP D220 Processes of International Negotiation
DHP D223 Theories of Conflict and Conflict Resolution
DHP D225 Conflict Resolution Practice
DHP D230 Humanitarian Action in Complex Emergencies
DHP D232 Gender, Culture and Conflict in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
DHP D235M Overview of Research Methods
DHP D244M Introduction to Qualitative Field Research Methods
DHP D251 Leadership and Global Institutions: The UN and Beyond
DHP D263 The Arabs and their Neighbors
DHP D280 U.S.-EU Relations in the 21st Century: A multidisciplinary Analysis of Transatlantic Affairs
DHP D281 Security of the Black Sea Region
DHP D291 Computer Science for Future Policymakers
DHP D292 How Systems Work
DHP H205 The Historian's Art and Current Affairs
DHP H250 Global Decolonization
DHP H271 Foreign Relations of Modern China, 1644 to the Present
DHP H275 South Asia in the World: Political and Historical International Relations
DHP P201 Comparative Politics
DHP P203 Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions
DHP P205 National Security Decision Making: Theory and Practice
DHP P207 GIS for International Applications
DHP P214 Gender Theory and Praxis
DHP P217 Global Political Economy
DHP P222 Development Aid in Policy and Practice
DHP P227 The Policymaking Process
DHP P231 International Communication
DHP P233 International Security
DHP P234 The Arts of Communication
DHP P235 Technology and Public Policy
DHP P236 Cyber in the Civilian Sector
DHP P240 The Role of Force in International Politics
DHP P243 Internal Conflicts and War in the 21st Century
DHP P246M Civil Resistance
DHP P250 Environmental Problem Solving
DHP P251 Energy, Entrepreneurship, and Finance
DHP P252 Global Water Security Perspectives
DHP P256 Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity
DHP P260 Islam and the West
DHP P264 Artificial Intelligence: Algorithms, Ethics, and Policy
DHP P266 The Islamic World
DHP P268 Islam and Politics: Religion and Power in World Affairs
DHP P288 Climate Change Risk Adaptation
DHP P291 Power in World Politics
DHP P298 Conflict in Africa
EIB B200 Foundations in Financial Accounting and Corporate Finance
EIB B205 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods
EIB B207M Financial Statement Management
EIB B229 Global Investment Management
EIB B232 Work and Employment Relations in the 21st Century
EIB B234M Strategic Management in Privatizing and Deregulating Industries
EIB B238 Strategic Management
EIB B241M Financial Inclusion: A Method for Development
EIB B264 Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations
EIB B281M Managing Operations and Supply Chains in Global Companies
EIB E201 Introduction to Economic Theory
EIB E210M Quantitative Methods
EIB E211 Microeconomics
EIB E212M Macroeconomics
EIB E217M Managerial Economics
EIB E221 Advanced International Trade and Investment
EIB E230 International Finance
EIB E240 Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives
EIB E241 Development Economics: Policy Analysis
EIB E244 The Political Economy of Reform, Growth, and Equity
ILO L200 The International Legal Order
ILO L210 International Human Rights Law
ILO L216 International Humanitarian Law
ILO L217 International Law and Migration
ILO L220 International Organizations
ILO L222 Selected Issues in Laws of the Sea
ILO L223 International Environmental Law
ILO L230 International Business Transactions
ILO L232 International Investment Law
ILO L270 International Law Practicum

Planned Course Offerings Spring 2024

Course No. and Title

DHP D205 Global Maritime Affairs: International Trade, Security, Energy and Environmental Issues at Sea
DHP D206 U.S. Diplomatic Tradecraft
DHP D213 International Humanitarian Response
DHP D228M Protracted Social Conflict: Dynamics, Major Issues, and Possible Consequences
DHP D231 Gender and Human Security in Transitional States and Societies
DHP D237 Nutrition in Complex Emergencies: Policies, Practice and Decision-making
DHP D240 Children, Violence, Protection, and Resilience
DHP D241 Climate and Migration
DHP D242 Famine, Livelihoods, and Resilience: Food Security Analysis and Response in Crisis
DHP D245M Advanced Field Methods Research
DHP D246M Case Study Methods Research
DHP D252 Grand Strategy
DHP D253M Global One Health Diplomacy: Holistic Approaches to Global Health Challenges
DHP D255 Environmental Humanities and Global Health
DHP D258 Introduction to Data Science for Global Applications
DHP D282 Contemporary Russian Foreign Policy
DHP D283 U.S.-European Relations Since the Fall of the Berlin Wall
DHP D288 Leadership in the Public Sphere
DHP D293 How Systems Fail
DHP H220 The Role of Economic Statecraft in International Politics
DHP H252 Russian Foreign Policy from Peter the Great to Putin
DHP H262 A Century of Transformation: Western-Middle East Relations from 1920s to the Present
DHP P202M Security Sector Reform: Conceptual and Contextual Debates in Peacebuilding
DHP P203 Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions
DHP P206M Maritime Security
DHP P207 GIS for International Applications
DHP P209M Demography and National Security
DHP P215 Nuclear Weapons and Great Powers Competition
DHP P219 Political Economy of Development
DHP P221 Memory Politics: Truth, Justice and Redress
DHP P225 Design, Monitoring and Evaluation
DHP P234 The Arts of Communication
DHP P237 Privacy in the Digital Age
DHP P244 Modern Terrorism and Counterterrorism
DHP P248 Strategy and Grand Strategy: Theory, Art and Practice
DHP P255 International Energy Policy
DHP P262 Contemporary South Asia
DHP P265 21st Century Intelligence and National Security Seminar
DHP P267 Development in a Digital Age
DHP P271M The Cyber Domain and U.S. National Security
DHP P276M Seminar on Urban Africa
DHP P278 Climate Change and Security
DHP P287M Political Economy and Business of the EU
DHP P289 Advanced Geospatial Modeling
DHP P290 Migration and Transnationalism in Latin America
DHP P297 Engaging Human Security
EIB B206 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business
EIB B220 Global Financial Services
EIB B221 International Financial Management
EIB B223 Informal and Underground Finance
EIB B224 Global Private Equity
EIB B227 Islamic Banking and Finance
EIB B230 Managing NGOs and Social Enterprises
EIB B237 Field Studies in Global Consulting
EIB B242 Innovation Models for Building Inclusive Businesses
EIB B254 Cross-Sector Partnerships
EIB B262 Marketing Research and Analysis
EIB B263M Marketing Management
EIB B272M The Political Economy and Business Environments of Greater China
EIB B283 Impact Investing
EIB B291 Leadership: Building Teams, Organizations, Shaping Your Path
EIB E201 Introduction to Economic Theory
EIB E213 Econometrics
EIB E214 International Economic Policy Analysis
EIB E219M Economic Theory and Policy
EIB E220 International Trade and Investment
EIB E242 Development Economics: Micro Perspectives
EIB E243 Food Systems and Policy in Developing Countries
EIB E245 Econometric Impact Evaluation for Public Policy and Social Programs
EIB E246 Environmental Economics
EIB E247 Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development
ILO L201 Public International Law
ILO L211 Current Issues in Human Rights
ILO L214M Transitional Justice
ILO L215 Ethics in the Practice of Foreign Affairs
ILO L221 Actors in Global Governance
ILO L224 Peace Operations
ILO L227 Sustainable Development and Global Human Rights
ILO L231M International Arbitration
ILO L233 International Financial and Fiscal Law
ILO L240 Legal and Institutional Aspects of International Trade
ILO L246 Reparation in International Law
ILO L250 Law and Development
ILO L253 Comparative Constitutional Law
ILO L262 Foreign Relations and National Security Law
ILO L264 Non-Proliferation Law and Institutions