International Development and Environmental Policy

The International Development and Environmental Policy field encompasses broad perspectives on the complex challenges of development in a world threatened by climate change. Global poverty is both a cause and a consequence of environmental degradation. Policies intended to alleviate poverty and promote economic development must be cognizant of their effects on the environment, just as policies to mitigate climate change and protect the environment must be cognizant their effects on poverty and economic growth. The International Development and Environmental Policy field provides an interdisciplinary context for understanding the conflicts and synergies between these two pressing global challenges. Course offerings in this field collectively take a holistic approach, addressing multiple dimensions of development policy from both macro and micro perspectives, while addressing environmental policies relating to energy use, technology choice, water and other natural resources, and climate change from a range of perspectives including science, economics, politics, diplomacy, law and engineering.

Field Advisor(s) 

Research Centers 

Center for International Environment and Resource Policy 

Maritime Studies Program 

Field Requirements 

MALD and MIB: Choose either DHP P250 or one of the Development Economics courses: EIB E240, EIB E241, or EIB E242.

MGA: DHP P250 and one of the Development Economics courses: EIB E240, EIB E241, or EIB E242. 

MALD and MIB: 4 courses in field of study 

MGA: 4 courses in field of study 

Total Credits Required   

MALD and MIB: 12.00 credits 

MGA: 12.00 credits plus Practicum

  • MALD and MIB (Choose one):  

    DHP P250 Environmental Problem Solving 

    EIB E240 Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives 

    EIB E241 Development Economics: Policy Analysis 

    EIB E242 Development Economics: Micro Perspectives 


    DHP P250 Environmental Problem Solving 

    And one of the following: 

    EIB E240 Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives 

    EIB E241 Development Economics: Policy Analysis 

    EIB E242 Development Economics: Micro Perspectives

  • DHP P203 Analytical Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions 

    DHP P207 GIS for International Applications 

    EIB E211 Microeconomics  

    EIB E213 Econometrics

  • DHP D205 Global Maritime Affairs: International Trade, Security, Energy and Environmental Issues at Sea 

    DHP D241 Climate and Migration 

    DHP D255 Environmental Humanities and Global Health

    DHP P219 Political Economy of Development 

    DHP P222 Development Aid in Policy and Practice 

    DHP P238 Technology, Development, and Regulation 

    DHP P251 Energy, Entrepreneurship, and Finance 

    DHP P252 Global Water Security Perspectives 

    DHP P253 Sustainable Development Diplomacy 

    DHP P254 Climate Change Policy and Law 

    DHP P255 International Energy Policy 

    DHP P256 Innovation for Sustainable Prosperity 

    DHP P257 Corporate Management of Environmental Issues 

    DHP P259 Water Policy and Governance

    DHP P298 Conflict in Africa 

    EIB B223 Informal and Underground Finance 

    EIB B230 Managing NGOs and Social Enterprises 

    EIB B243M Market Approaches to Development 

    EIB B244M Financial Inclusion and the Informal Economy 

    EIB B245M Research, Design and Action in the Informal Economy 

    EIB B252 Corporate Social Responsibility in an Age of Globalization 

    EIB E214 International Economic Policy Analysis 

    EIB E220 International Trade and Investment 

    EIB E230 International Finance 

    EIB E240 Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives 

    EIB E241 Development Economics: Policy Analysis 

    EIB E242 Development Economics: Micro Perspectives 

    EIB E243 Food Systems and Policy in Developing Countries 

    EIB E244 Political Economy of Reform, Growth, and Equity 

    EIB E245 Econometric Impact Evaluation for Public Policy and Social Programs 

    EIB E246 Environmental Economics 

    EIB E247 Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development 

    EIB E262 The Economics of Global Health in Developing Countries  

    ILO L222 Selected Issues in Law of the Sea 

    ILO L223 International Environmental Law

  • A practicum is required for MGA students.

  • Track options:

    1. International Development

    2. Environmental Policy

    International Development

    Required (Choose one):

    EIB E240 Development Economics: Macroeconomic Perspectives

    EIB E241 Development Economics: Policy Analysis

    EIB E242 Development Economics: Micro Perspectives

    Plus either EIB E211 Microeconomics or EIB E213 Econometrics for the skills requirement

    Environmental Policy

    Required course:

    DHP D250 Environmental Problem Solving

    Plus DHP P203 Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions or DHP P207 GIS for International Applications for the skills requirement

Faculty with expertise in the field:

Sulmaan Khan

Sulmaan Khan

Melissa McCracken

Melissa McCracken