Stella Henderson

Stella Henderson


Fields of study

  • Business for Social Impact
  • Environmental Policy



My path to Fletcher

I applied to the Map Your Future (MYF) Program in my senior year of college. I knew that I wanted to attend business school, and after attending various fairs presenting different masters programs I decided on Fletcher. I was very drawn to the MYF program because it allowed me to apply ahead of finishing my undergraduate degree. Given that I knew I wanted to pursue an MIB at Fletcher, this program was perfect for me. Plus, you can receive a $10,000 scholarship if you are accepted through this program, which was an additional reason I was excited to apply.

On a favorite class

Currently, my favorite class is Corporate Finance, a core requirement for MIB students. While it is challenging, it is very doable with the help of Professor Jacque and his TAs. I am enjoying the class because I feel as though I'm getting very practical knowledge, and I feel supported by Professor Jacque, who is very invested in his students' understanding of the course matter. I am continually impressed by my professors and their in-depth knowledge and expertise; years of experience have given them the know-how to teach their subject matter effectively.

On the Fletcher community

The campus life at Fletcher is incredibly active. I particularly enjoy the vast number of hosted discussions on current events. There are so many things I am interested in, and I love learning new things; the events hosted by various offices in Fletcher allow me to continue to learn about relevant topics and things that pique my interest that I don't otherwise have lots of time to sit and study.

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations and Spanish, Tufts University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Contracts Analyst, Industrial Economics, Inc., Cambridge, MA