Stefan Tschauko

Stefan Tschauko


Fields of Study

  • International Information and Communication
  • International Organizations



Why Fletcher

As part of my master in international management degree, I had the opportunity to spend a short time working with and conducting research for the United Nations. That led me to discover two things that fed my intellectual curiosity: the complexity and wide-ranging activities of the UN system, and the limited awareness and understanding of this important network of international organizations among the public. Informed by my professional expertise developed at a branding company, I became increasingly fascinated by how the UN presents itself. Could branding contribute to a better understanding and enhance the reputation of the complex UN system? If so, how? I came to the conclusion that only a PhD would allow me to engage with world-leading experts and develop the expertise needed to answer these questions – and to thus support the mission of these important organizations. And only a PhD at Fletcher would allow me to pursue this research at the intersection of communications and international organizations – research that I started as part of Fletcher's Master in Law and Diplomacy and continue in the PhD program.

How do you plan to use your experience at Fletcher to make a difference in the world?

Through my research and work on branding in international organizations and particularly in the UN system, I want to advance scholarship and share my expertise via publications and teaching. By working with professionals in this field, I specifically aim to support communication experts in these organizations in applying branding-related concepts that will help them further their mission. Ultimately, I hope to contribute to a greater understanding of, and support for, international organizations. Perhaps this is a politician who is better able to explain why funding the UN's work is so important, a teacher who is able to excite his or her students by being better able to explain these complex organizations, or “the average person on the street” who embraces people who are “different” because of his or her awareness of the ideals that are encapsulated and promoted by the UN.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Student Council
  • Fletcher Dean Search Committee
  • PhD Student Group (Colloquium Coordinator)
  • UN Club
  • Public Diplomacy Club

Education before Fletcher

  • Master of Science/CEMS Master of International Management (dual degree), International Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria), with an exchange with Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Master of Science-equivalent degree DI (FH), Information Management, FH Joanneum (Austria), with an exchange with the University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Experience before Fletcher

  • Voluntary Researcher, United Nations, New York
  • Media and Information Literacy Intern, United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, New York
  • Project Manager and Assistant to the CEO, Brainds, Brands and Design, Vienna, Austria


German, French, Spanish, English