Neeraja Kulkarni

Neeraja Kulkarni


Fields of study

  • International Development and Environmental Policy (IDEP)



Why Fletcher

Climate change is a global problem. The solutions exist; however, the implementation needs multisectoral, multinational collaboration. Fletcher seemed like one of the only places that emphasizes the negotiations and conflict resolution of climate change. What sealed the deal for me was the course structure: combining breadth with depth and supplementing theoretical knowledge with skills and practicum projects seemed perfect to me.

Off-campus opportunities

Through Fletcher, I had the immense pleasure of attending the Arctic Circle Assembly 2022 in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was eye-opening to absorb perspectives from developed countries about climate change mitigation and energy diplomacy. What happens around the Arctic affects the rest of the planet environmentally and geopolitically. It is evident that we need all hands on deck to preserve the pristine ecosystem around the North Pole, while we enhance our support for Indigenous Peoples. I also had the chance to present a small pitch at the Arctic Innovation Lab 2022, illustrating Iceland's production and export potential of green hydrogen to European countries facing a massive energy crisis.

On campus life

I have never been as intellectually stimulated as I have been at Fletcher. All the students, faculty, and staff are aware of current affairs that shape our world in real time. Additionally, the opportunities and the support from professors are highly motivating. I am super grateful for the guest speakers that have inspired me time and again. As the former president of Tunisia told us in his visit, "It is very idealistic to change the world, but it is criminal not to try."

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Design, MIT Institute of Design

Experience before Fletcher

  • Design Researcher Associate, Quicksand Design Studio, Delhi, India
  • Research Fellow, Selco Foundation, Bangalore, India
  • Design Researcher, Echostream, Gangtok, India