Jessica Pacheco

Jessica Pacheco




Why I chose Fletcher

I chose The Fletcher School for three reasons. The alumni network is global and includes professionals working across every sector. I knew that I'd want to connect with people like this to broaden my future career growth options. The GBA curriculum and its flexibility fit my needs to the teeth. I am working full-time, and the GBA is designed for the working student's schedule. Finally, Tufts' reputation precedes itself; I knew that the Tufts brand name would help open doors for me as I pursue new employment opportunities and fellowships.

On the classroom experience

Fletcher attracts incredibly brilliant people from all over the world, and because of them, I have benefited tremendously from the diversity of class discussions. The program promotes a global view of current issues and reflects on the history that got us to this point. I've been able to take this new way of thinking and analyzing to my real job; that's an immediate ROI of my investment in the program without having completed the degree yet!

On career services

As I've been preparing to make a career change, the CORE program provides a consistent list of events and trainings throughout the year. I've participated in various workshops, networking events, and career discovery events that have expanded my network twofold. Because of these events, I'm in conversation with individuals at companies I'd like to work for. We'll see where these conversations take me, but it's awesome to have a point of contact at these companies now, which were made through warm introductions via Fletcher's network.

Education before Fletcher

  • Master of Arts, Media Communications, Ukrainian Catholic University
  • Bachelor of Arts, Linguistics, Western Washington University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Marketing & Communications Director, Parallax Advanced Research, Los Angeles, CA
  • Social Media Market, Vesta Foodservice, Los Angeles, CA
  • Marketing and Publicity Project Administrator, Chenega Corporation, Albuquerque, NM
  • Public Affairs Specialist (Civilian), New Mexico Air National Guard, Albuquerque, NM
  • Content Creator and Broadcast Journalist, Freelance (Clients include Worldwide News Ukraine, CFC Consulting Group, Kyiv Weekly, Google Ukraine, MJoy Radio, Kirtland Partnership Committee, Caldwell Banker)