Karen Jacobsen

Karen Jacobsen

160 Packard Avenue, Medford, MA 02155
Research/Areas of Interest:

Refugee and migration issues; Field methods, Africa; Humanitarian assistance, livelihoods in complex emergencies; Developing countries


  • Ph.D., Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • M.A., Political Science, Northeastern University
  • B.A., University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg


Karen Jacobsen is the Henry J. Leir Professor in Global Migration at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and directs the Refugees in Towns Project at the Feinstein International Center (Tufts). Professor Jacobsen’s current research explores urban displacement and global migration, with a focus on the livelihoods and financial resilience of migrants and refugees, and on climate- and environment-related mobility. In 2013-2014, she was on leave from Tufts, leading the Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS) at United Nations in Geneva. From 2000-2005, she directed the Alchemy Project, which explored the use of microfinance to support people in refugee camps and other displacement settings.

Prof. Jacobsen’s Ph.D. in Political Science is from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her areas of expertise include refugee and migration issues, humanitarian assistance in developing countries, urban impact, and climate change and migration. She is currently at work on a book that examines the impact of displacement on cities.  Her previous books include A View from Below: Conducting Research in Conflict Zones (with Mazurana and Gale, Cambridge UP 2013 ); and The Economic Life of Refugees (Lynne Rienner, 2005), which is widely used in courses on forced migration. She consults and works closely with UNHCR and other UN agencies and international NGOs. She is a citizen of both South Africa and the U.S., and splits her time between Brookline, MA and western Maine (Andover, ME).

Areas of expertise

Economic Development
Globalization & Trade
Humanitarian Affairs
International Law & Organizations
Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
Political Development

Professional Activities

  • Consultant for UNHCR, World Bank and NGOs
  • Coordinator, Joint IDP Profiling Service (JIPS), Gevena (2013-14)
  • Assistant Professor, Regis College (1995-99)

Other Affiliations

  • International Association for the Study of Forced Migration
  • Henry J. Leir Institute

Courses taught

Selected Publications and Presentations


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