Tracy Jenkins

Tracy Jenkins


Fields of Study

  • International Monetary Theory and Policy, Pacific Asia


United States

Why Fletcher

I was initially attracted to Fletcher because of its flexible curriculum, but what hooked me was the school’s overall sense of community. During the application process, I reached out to numerous staff members and students, hoping to learn about their experiences at the school and how Fletcher has impacted the work they’ve done beyond the classroom. Each person I spoke too offered such rich information, often going above and beyond in the time and effort they afforded me. One thing each person highlighted was how Fletcher went the extra mile to ensure students got the most from their educational experiences. I was told about the high-profile guest speakers; the many opportunities to engage with the Dean, the Diplomat in Residence, and other staff members; the various clubs and their student-led projects; the collaborations between Fletcher and Harvard Kennedy School, from classes and clubs to spring break trips; the professional development classes at Fletcher; as well as the accessibility of the “Fletcher Mafia” alumni network. “Fletcher really allows students to voice their honest opinions and shape the school community how they want it to be,” one person told me, “because at Fletcher, you’re not just a number; you’re a person with real goals. Fletcher sees those goals and goes out of its way to invest in the success of everyone.”

On preparing for your future

Before Fletcher, I spent two years in Myanmar as a Peace Corps volunteer. Once back in the States, I made an active effort to learn as much about my own neighborhood as I had my Myanmar community. I wanted to apply the lessons I’d learned from my experiences in Myanmar to help my community at home achieve its economic and development goals. That ambition drives my academic adventures at Fletcher. Fletcher teaches the theoretical approaches to addressing issues in the international community; my goal is to learn how those approaches can be adopted to issues within the United States. It is my hope that, through Fletcher, I can bridge the gap between a lifelong interest in international studies and my budding interest in local government and American public policy.

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • North Korea Working Group
  • ASEAN Club
  • Fletcher Political Risk Group
  • Fletcher Women in Business
  • Fletcher Social Investment Group

Education before Fletcher

  • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations / East Asian History, Rhodes College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Education Consultant & English Language Facilitator, Peace Corps Myanmar, Yangon, Myanmar
  • Assistant Fundraising and Development Coordinator, Our House Shelter for the Working Homeless (AmeriCorps), Little Rock, AR, USA
  • English Language and Cultural Exchange Facilitator, Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK), Jeonju, South Korea


Korean, Burmese, French, Mandarin Chinese, English