Murielle Munyemana

Murielle Munyemana


Fields of study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Human Security


United States

On choosing Fletcher

The Fletcher School initially piqued my interest because of the breadth and depth of the MALD degree, and the ability to focus on international negotiation and conflict resolution (my fields of study). However, when the time came to choose between Fletcher and another school, it came down to two factors: curriculum and community. I created a mock class schedule for Fletcher and the other school and compared them. Whereas the other school had one course that I was mildly interested in, I was excited about every single course I could take at Fletcher. Not only that, but it was clear that I could tailor such a diverse curriculum to my interests while still cultivating a diverse skill set. At that point it was obvious that I should choose the program I was excited about, but I was still hesitant to uproot my life in D.C. and move to Boston. What cemented my decision was Fletcher's student-centric approach to learning, rooted in the strong Fletcher community. Whether I was speaking to alumni or current students, it was evident that people genuinely loved their experience and maintained a powerful network post-Fletcher. When I realized how important it was to be part of such an enduring community, Fletcher became the obvious choice.

On meeting your needs for today and tomorrow

The flexibility of the Fletcher curriculum is unmatched. It gives me an incredible amount of agency in tailoring a program that fits my interests and needs; allowing me to cultivate a diverse skillset applicable to a variety of careers. The Fletcher curriculum will give me the tools I need to succeed in my career in two years, five years, and ten years, regardless of different directions my career may take. I never have to worry about what I studied at Fletcher restricting me to a particular sector.

On the strength of the alumni network

The involvement and accessibility of Fletcher alumni is key to what sets Fletcher apart. It is one thing to be told of the famous Fletcher community and another to see it firsthand. From the moment I stepped onto campus it was clear that the Fletcher alumni are an integral part of the greater Fletcher community. They are extremely accessible to both prospective and current students and always willing to share insights on career paths, the Fletcher experience, and more. What is even more impressive is that many of these alumni have very demanding careers and schedules, yet still are always willing to give back to the Fletcher community.

    Activities involved in at Fletcher

    • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club
    • Fletcher Community Collective
    • Women in International Security
    • The Ralph Bunch Society

    Education before Fletcher

    • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, Pomona College

    Experience before Fletcher

    • Program Officer, DT Global (formerly AECOM International Development), Washington, DC, USA
    • Associate Program Manager, AECOM International Development (USAID Implementing Partner), Arlington, VA, USA
    • Program Coordinator, AECOM International Development (USAID Implementing Partner), Arlington, VA, USA


    French, Spanish, Kinyarwanda, English