Diana Haber

Diana Haber


Fields of study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • International Organizations


United States

On the skills to make an impact

As cliché as it may sound, Fletcher is my dream school, and the only graduate school I applied to! I became more inspired the deeper I dove into my research before applying. In comparing the schools in the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, Fletcher’s history as the nation’s first graduate school of International Affairs, and its founding burning a time where unity and peace were crucial, really stood out to me. 87 years later, Fletcher boldly affirms its founding vision, and that was clear to me in every interaction I had during my graduate school search. Fletcher’s rigorous course catalog sparked my inner fire, I was in a state of awe learning about the life and work experiences of current Fletcher students, faculty, and alums. Having the opportunity to learn from my peers in the Fletcher community, who represent the diversity of our global community, demonstrates Fletcher’s commitment to preparing leaders, helping us contribute to humanity to the best of our ability. The possibilities of learning inside and outside of the classroom, with all of the events, student organizations and conferences, made me confident that being a member of the Fletcher Family melded with my personal vison, and will help me to make an impact.

An organic community

One of the reasons why I chose to enroll at Fletcher was its famous commitment to diversity and inclusion. Sitting in the auditorium during orientation and learning that our cohort was 40% international students quickly affirmed that. Yet, I am still in awe when I experience our diverse community and how organic it feels. In a time where some organizations make a superficial effort to appear diverse, this remains a pillar of Fletcher. Whether I am working on a group assignment, engaging in a simulation or seminar in class, participating in social hour in the Hall of Flags, catching the shuttle to Davis Square, waiting in line at Mugar Café, or going to a cultural night, the education I receive from my peers in unmeasurable. I am consistently asking “what can I learn from people who are different from me, and how do I work in allyship?” Coming from this mindset allows me to build meaningful connections and broaden my perspective. It has been both inspiring and, sometimes, humorous seeing the United States through the eyes of my peers from abroad. The influence of the “Fletcher Mafia” is real, and I am so humbled by the compassion, time, and support that students, both past and present have offered to me. The anxiety of choosing classes, searching for an internship, and applying to jobs has melted away, trusting that there is a team of leaders out there willing to offer me their support me.

    Activities involved in at Fletcher

    • Design Thinking at Fletcher
    • Education in International Affairs
    • The Fletcher Latin America Group
    • Fletcher Performing Arts Club

    Education before Fletcher

    • Bachelor of Science, International Relations, Florida State University

    Experience before Fletcher

    • Educator and Corps Member Advisor, Teach for America, Miami, FL
    • Legislative Intern, The Florida Senate, Tallahassee, FL