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Why Did Young South Koreans Ditch the Democratic Party and President Moon?

Seoho Lee (F14) writes about what led to the surprising defeat of South Korea's Democratic Party, via for The Diplomat.

Last year, it seemed like the dominant victory of the ruling Democratic Party (DP) in the South Korean National Assembly elections had paved a clear path for the party’s victory in the presidential election scheduled for March 2022. Starting with its unexpected victory in the 2016 National Assembly elections, the DP has won four consecutive elections including the 2017 presidential election and 2018 local elections as well as 2020’s general election. It was the first party to have such a winning streak since South Korea’s democratic transition in 1987. Some of the party’s supporters, and even its opponents, cautiously predicted that this could be the beginning of a decades-long reign of the Democratic Party.

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