Mobilizing in Time of Crisis: The Power of the Fletcher Network

The power of the Fletcher network when it mattered most.

Global Fletcher Community Mobilizes in Time of Crisis

In August 2021 when the Taliban took control over Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans found themselves facing immediate peril due to prior association with the West or known activism on behalf of humanitarian rights deemed objectionable by the Taliban.

Some of those Afghans were members of the Fletcher family.

A small group of Fletcher administrators, faculty, alumni, and students undertook an intense and focused effort, leveraging their global networks of fellow Fletcherites, former colleagues and servicemen and women, and “friends of Fletcher” to arrange for the safe evacuation of those family members.

The effort continues today to work on behalf of those evacuated to arrange for their safe final resettlement to the United States or other countries.

This mobilization, in the face of such extreme and challenging circumstances, is captured in the video below.

It is the story of the power of the Fletcher Network and the Fletcher name, put into action when it was most needed.

The Fletcher Network Mobilizes

Support Our Community

If you are interested in supporting Fletcher students from locations such as Afghanistan, please consider donating to Fletcher's financial aid.

For those interested in supporting the relocated families, a fund has been established to facilitate their arrival and to help ensure their resettlement into their new homes in the US is one of dignity and welcome. 

Fletcher has collaborated with Wartists, Inc. and ArtLords, LLC to operate the fund for this purpose, 100% of donations to which go directly to support our Afghan Fletcher Families. You may donate to and learn more about this fund here.

Gifts to this fund are not collected by or considered a contribution to Fletcher or Tufts; gifts are tax deductible as permitted by law. For those outside the United States please consult with your tax professional.

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