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Join us for a Webinar presenting recent research that compares the energy innovation priorities of the world's largest economies using the metric of public expenditures on energy RD&D.
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Should we be optimistic about global clean energy innovation efforts against climate change? New research from Climate Policy Lab shows that global government energy RD&D investments between 2000-2018 are decarbonizing. RD&D funding for nuclear has held steady and highlights continued focus on this technology by India. Global public RD&D investments in fossil fuels technologies have decreased in recent years while clean energy has been on the upswing, the new research reveals. China and India have now joined the United States and Japan in the ranks of the top four countries overall. However, the study notes that energy RD&D by state-owned enterprises remains skewed toward fossil fuels, calling into question whether national governments need to step in to reorient the efforts of these large state-run energy firms. 

Panelists are:
Kelly Sims Gallagher (Academic Dean and Prof. of Energy and Environmental Policy), Fang Zhang (Tsinghua Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University), Rishikesh Bhandary (TBD), Zdenka Myslikova (Fletcher School predoctoral fellow), and Easwaran Narassimhan (Fletcher School Adjunct Assistant Professor of Innovation Policy)

The webinar will be on September 14 from 8 am – 9 am via Zoom. 

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