The Januarian Experience: "Have Your Cake and Eat It Too"

The October 10th admissions application deadline to join Fletcher's January cohort is fast approaching
Fletcher Januarians

Januarians – or students who choose to enroll and begin their studies in the Spring semester – have long been a small, albeit important, population of the student community. However, in recent years, the option to begin graduate studies in the spring semester is not such a niche one. In fact, Fletcher enrolled its largest-ever January class in 2021.

With the October 10th admissions application deadline to join Fletcher's January cohort fast approaching, we're sharing some first-person perspectives on the benefits of joining The Fletcher School as a "Januarian." And if you haven’t got your application in yet, there is still time.


Lyndon Sam

Lyndon Sam, MALD, 2022

"I originally planned to accept a summer internship, but I chose instead to pursue fascinating research projects, inspired by conversations I had with faculty. With the faculty's guidance, I've learned more about clean energy, sustainable transport and workers' rights than I could have ever done on my own, which set me up to be uniquely qualified for the job market. Luckily for me, I don't have to worry about missing the chance to intern since, as a Januarian, I got to apply again next summer.

"Joining the Fletcher community in January is a great way to have your cake and eat it too."



Taylor Schiavitti Smith

Taylor Schiavitti Smith, GMAP, 2021

"I chose the Global Masters of Arts Program because of its unique status as a mid-career hybrid program and for the access to the renowned Fletcher School with an amazing cohort of global leaders. The ability to have asynchronous and synchronous courses in finance, politics, economics, and foreign policy, among others, allows you to think through IR theories on your own while also learning from the lived experiences of your GMAP peers in those fields. Joining as a midyear student in January can be daunting since you join a group of notable, interdisciplinary intellectuals from around the world halfway through their own education, but it also gives you the extraordinary opportunity to collaborate with two different GMAP cohorts.

"The GMAP staff are keen to engage with interested students, and so the best advice I can give if you are interested in the degree is to reach out to them! I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this institution because the Fletcher experience has helped me to be a better Executive Director to Free to Run [which uses adventure sports to develop female leaders in regions of conflict], expanded my world views, and molded me into a better person."


Danielle Kaidanow

Danielle Kaidanow, MIB, 2021

"The January start time is an excellent example of Fletcher's academic coursework offering flexibility without sacrificing academic rigor. The support I received throughout my first Spring semester allowed me to adjust to the educational environment without any setbacks compared to the conventional fall semester start. Also, joining Fletcher in January gives you an additional summer session within your studies where you can further explore research and career options before you complete the program."


Chima Omike

Chima Omike, MIB, 2022

"Since I started at Fletcher, I have had multiple opportunities to learn new skills and to participate in insightful conversations around building innovative businesses from a global perspective. Prior to joining in January, I was nervous about the atypical Spring takeoff, but as I reflect on my decision to start in January, I think it was a good one. The January intake program allows students to explore several academic and career opportunities within two summers. In one of these summers, I was selected to champion a COVID-response project for online learning targeting high school students in Nigeria with little or no access to learning resources.

"In applying for the January MIB program, candidates are encouraged to share experiences that highlight their passion and commitment for a rewarding career in international business. Studying at Fletcher has also broadened my networking channels across different global locations."

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