Insights into COP28

Experts from The Fletcher School share their perspectives on critical issues around the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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New Greenhouse Gas Removal Pathways
Climate Emergency Forum, January 7, 2023
The Climate Emergency Forum (CEF) published video of their panel at COP, featuring Fletcher PhD candidate Soyoung Oh.

Why COP28 is a gut check for the world’s fossil fuel habit
E&E News, December 14, 2023
Dean ad interim Kelly Sims Gallagher contrasts the Dubai agreement with more transformative pacts struck at earlier COPs in Paris and Kyoto.

Global climate talks wrap up with signs of progress — but much room for improvement
The Boston Globe, December 13, 2023
Dean ad interim Kelly Sims Gallagher's assessment of the COP28 agreement is included in this summary of the conference.

Mexico's climate ambition at COP28: balance between policies and commitments
Animal Politico, November 30, 2023
Postdoctoral Scholar Zdenka Myslikova co-authored a piece in Spanish-language media on Mexican climate policy.

COP28 shows need for "ambition" to match reality
Axios, November 30, 2023
Dean ad interim Kelly Sims Gallagher provided analysis to Axios about approaches to emissions target-setting.

Is Africa making the most out of the climate negotiations?
Joy Online, November 29, 2023
Research Fellow Kwame Ababio penned an article in Ghanaian media about African climate diplomacy.

US oil and gas production set to break record in 2023 despite UN climate goals
The Guardian, November 27, 2023
Dean ad interim Kelly Sims Gallagher spoke to The Guardian about the Inflation Reduction Act and its impact on U.S. energy production.

Africa Can Lead The Energy Transition. Can COP 28 Deliver On Climate Finance?
Diplomatic Times, November 27, 2023
Research Fellow Seth Owusu-Mante wrote a piece on clean energy opportunities in Africa and the need for effective climate finance.

What to expect from COP28, the UN climate summit, in the hottest year on record
NPR, November 26, 2023
Dean ad interim Kelly Sims Gallagher was interviewed for National Public Radio, helping set the stage for the Dubai summit.

COP28 Climate Conference: Who Is Most Responsible And Who Deserves Compensation?
ABP, November 14, 2023
Research Fellow Tarun Gopalakrishnan wrote a piece describing the dynamics between developed and developing countries in climate diplomacy.

UN’s ‘global stocktake’ on climate is offering a sober emissions reckoning − but there are also signs of progress
The Conversation, November 10, 2023
Research Fellow Kate Chi and Professor Maulik Jagnani co-authored a piece that assesses progress on U.N. emissions targets ahead of COP28.

Humanity has ‘opened gates to hell’ by letting climate crisis worsen, UN secretary warns
The Guardian, September 20, 2023
Dean ad interim Kelly Sims Gallagher offered comments to The Guardian about attitudes from U.N. and national leaders ahead of COP28.