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If There Is Going To Be a Grand Strategy Focused on China...

Dan Drezner writes about the Sino-American rivalry, via his Washington Post column.

Last week senior officials from the United States and China met in Anchorage for the first bilateral meeting since President Biden was inaugurated. The news coverageindicates that in this instance “meeting” means “airing of grievances.”

This is no longer surprising. The list of issues generating friction between the world’s two most powerful countries is long and distinguished, ranging from North Korea to Hong Kong, Taiwan, the treatment of Uyghurs, 5G, intellectual property, the South China Sea, cyberespionage, restrictions on student visas and fundamental disagreements about the nature of each other’s regime. China has been accelerating its “wolf warrior” diplomacy for well over a year. A few weeks ago the Biden administration said China “is the only competitor potentially capable ... to mount a sustained challenge to a stable and open international system.”

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