Four New Faculty Join the Fletcher Community

Aram Hur, Maulik Jagnani, David C. Logan, and Sebastian Mantilla Blanco to begin fall 2023
A grid of four faculty headshots, clockwise from upper left: Aram Hur, Maulik Jagnani, David C. Logan, and Sebastian Mantilla Blanco

The Fletcher School is pleased to welcome four new faculty members to our community: Assistant Professor of Political Science Aram Hur, Assistant Professor of Environmental Economics Maulik Jagnani, Assistant Professor of Security Studies David C. Logan, and Assistant Professor of International Economic Law Sebastián Mantilla Blanco.

A headshot of Aram Hur

Professor Aram Hur will be assistant professor of political science at Fletcher. She joins Fletcher from the University of Missouri, where she was assistant professor of political science at the Truman School of Government and Public Affairs and Co-Director of the MU Institute for Korean Studies. Professor Hur's research focuses on nationalism and democracy in East Asia, with special attention to issues of identity, integration, and democratic support in the Korean peninsula and Taiwan. She is the author of Narratives of Civic Duty: How National Stories Shape Democracy in Asia (Cornell University Press, 2022). Her research is published in leading disciplinary journals such as the British Journal of Political Science, Comparative Politics, and Journal of East Asian Studies and widely cited in domestic and international media. Hur was selected as the 2021 Korea Society Sherman Emerging Scholar, a 2018-19 CSIS US-Korea NextGen Scholar, and is recipient of the 2023 Gold Chalk Award, a student-nominated honor for teaching and mentorship from the University of Missouri. Previously, she was a provost postdoctoral fellow at New York University. Professor Hur will start at Fletcher in fall 2023.

A headshot of Maulik Jagnani

Professor Maulik Jagnani will be assistant professor of environmental economics at Fletcher. He joins the school from the University of Colorado Denver, where he was an assistant professor in the department of economics. Professor Jagnani’s research focuses on microeconomic topics in environmental health and human capital in lower-income countries. He has published previous research in The Economic Journal, The Review of Economics and Statistics, the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, and the Journal of Development Economics. Prior to his position at the University of Colorado Denver, he was a postdoctoral scholar at Yale University. Professor Jagnani will start teaching in fall 2023.




A headshot of David C. Logan in front of a hallway

Professor David C. Logan will be assistant professor of security studies. He joins Fletcher from the U.S. Naval War College, where he was assistant professor in national security affairs. Professor Logan’s research focuses on nuclear weapons, arms control, deterrence, and the U.S.-China security relationship. At the U.S. Naval War College, he taught the international security course in theater and national security decision making. He has published in International Security, Journal of Strategic Studies, Foreign Affairs, and War on the Rocks, among other venues. He has conducted research for the Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs at National Defense University, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and the Office of Net Assessment. His work has been briefed across the U.S. joint force and interagency and presented as Congressional testimony. He has served as a fellow with the Princeton Center for International Security Studies and a Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow with the MIT Security Studies Program. He received his PhD from Princeton University. Professor Logan will start teaching in fall 2023.

A headshot of Sebastian Mantilla Blanco

Professor Sebastián Mantilla Blanco will be assistant professor of international economic law at Fletcher. He was a postdoctoral global fellow at the Institute for International Law and Justice at New York University. Professor Mantilla Blanco specializes in international economic law, with a particular emphasis in the international law of foreign investment. His research interests also include general public international law and international legal history. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bonn in Germany and was a visiting professor at the School of Law and Political Sciences at the Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia. His academic record features publications in English, German, and Spanish. His English language publications include the books Full Protection and Security in International Investment Law (Springer 2019) and National Security Exceptions in International Trade and Investment Agreements (Springer 2020, coauthored). Professor Mantilla Blanco will join Fletcher in fall 2023.