The Fletcher School Announces New Name for the Edward R. Murrow Center

Now the Edward R. Murrow Center for Global Diplomacy, Center aligns with mission to educate the next generation of diplomats
Murrow Center announcement

The Fletcher School announced today a revitalization of its Edward R. Murrow Center. With a new formal name and an exciting shift in its mission, the center is set to become the "Edward R. Murrow Center for Global Diplomacy."

The reimagined center is expanding its horizons to encompass an array of vital fields including public diplomacy, media, small state diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, and diplomatic history. The Center was previously named The Edward R. Murrow Center for a Digital World.

"While maintaining our strong emphasis on the digital realm, it is imperative that the Murrow Center adopts a broader perspective, allowing us to integrate fresh faculty and programs that cater to the needs of future leaders in international affairs, where digital media is just one facet," says Kelly Sims Gallagher, Dean ad interim for the Fletcher School. 

Under the guidance of its new Executive Director, Ambassador Don Heflin, the center is poised for a leap forward, with plans to impact the preparation of international affairs practitioners. Ambassador Heflin brings with him a wealth of experience from his service in embassies and consulates around the world.

“Fletcher's journey into the next decade promises to be one of innovation and excellence, where the Edward R. Murrow Center for Global Diplomacy will stand as a beacon for aspiring diplomats and practitioners in the field of international affairs,” says Heflin. 

Notable figures at the Murrow Center include former U.S. Under Secretary of State Tara Sonenshine, who teaches public diplomacy and media courses, former President of Costa Rica Carlos Alvarado, who specializes in small state diplomacy, Professor Elisabeth Leake, a award-winning diplomatic historian, and Professor Michael Klein, who directs the Econfact project.

The legacy of Edward R. Murrow, an icon in the fields of public diplomacy and media, will continue to be the driving force behind the Center’s mission. The center's vision is further bolstered by partnerships, such as the Harry A. Radliffe II CBS Endowed Scholarship, ensuring a bright and impactful future.

To learn more about the Murrow Center, please visit here.

Join us for an upcoming event, the Summit on U.S. Soft Power. The event will be hosted by The Murrow Center on Monday, October 30th from 5:30-7:00pm both virtually and in-person. Find more information about the event here.