The 75th Anniversary of India's Independence and Partition

India and Pakistan commemorate 75 years of independence and the partition that resulted in two independent nations.

In 1947, India achieved independence from the British, ending more than three centuries of colonial rule. Now, 75 years later, members of the Fletcher community reflect on one of the 20th century’s most important chapters – the birth of India and Pakistan and the partition – from a global historical perspective.


Commentary and insights from the Fletcher community

Ayesha Jalal

The 75th Anniversary of South Asian Independence
Ayesha Jalal, Mary Richardson Professor of History
Director, Center for South Asian and Indian Ocean Studies

Commemorative events such as the 75th anniversary of independence and partition in South Asia are not just occasions to revel and rejoice with symbolic displays of national hubris and rhetorical fanfare. Read More


Neha Ansari

Reflection on the 75th Anniversary Commemoration
Neha Ansari,  MALD 13, PhD 22

As Pakistan and India marked 75 years since their independence from the Britain  Empire, both countries had much to celebrate, but also have much to introspect and improve. Indeed, coming out of the shadows of colonialism was no easy feat: these nascent countries created new institutions and systems, created strong political-economies... Read More


Farah Pandith

Perspective on Fletcher and India
Farah Pandith, MALD 95

This week marks the 75th birthday of a nation that offers students of international affairs important lessons about rule of law, climate, equality, freedom of expression, democracy, minority rights, pluralism, poverty, extremism, innovation, soft and hard power, and so much more. Read More