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2021 - A Super-Year for Sustainable Development Diplomacy

Fletcher announces a new executive education series, led by Dean Rachel Kyte.

2021 – the year of sustainability multilateralism. Postponements and disruptions caused by COVID-19 have added to the pressures on the multilateral system as it strains to deepen cooperation across a series of complex challenges facing our world, each with time sensitive impacts. How do we make sense of this “super” year of sustainability diplomacy? How do these agendas interrelate in their substance and in politics?

This course combines intense, interactive lessons from global experts with a flexible learning format to inform and equip executive leaders for global affairs diplomacy in the post-covid landscape. 2021 - A Super-Year for Sustainable Development Diplomacy will be taught by Rachel Kyte, Dean of The Fletcher School and Professor of Practice. Dean Kyte and her teaching team will work closely with participants to achieve their professional goals for the course.

Learn more about the course objectives, course components, and each of the five sessions here.