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Student Council approves new clubs at the start of each semester. New clubs that are approved by Student Council will be added to this page in October (new clubs approved in a fall term) and February (new clubs approved in a spring term).

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Currently Active



Africana Club

Africana Club is both a social and an academic club committed to promoting and furthering understanding of topics and issues relevant to Africa and African culture.

Armed Forces Club

Support and community for Veterans, Active Duty military, and Reservists at Fletcher.

Armenia Club The Armenia Club at the Fletcher School seeks to promote a political, cultural and historical understanding of the South Caucasus and the broader region through the lens of Armenian political issues, Armenia's role in regional geopolitics, and the history and culture of the Armenian people and other indigenous communities of the region. In general, the Armenia Club aims to provide a unique perspective on the politics and foreign affairs of major regional and global political actors, leveraging Armenia's vantage point as a country that rests on the fault lines of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

ASEAN Society

The ASEAN Society serves to spread awareness about the Southeast Asia to The Fletcher School and the broader local community through speakers, discussions, simulations, debates, career talks, student and professor presentations as well as cultural events. It aims to fill the gap between the growing importance of and increased interest in Southeast Asia at Fletcher and the lack of a coherent hub to exchange information, ideas and experiences about the region.

Counter-Terrorism Working Group (CTWG) at Fletcher

This organization creates a collaborative conversation space for Fletcher students to engage regarding current terrorism activities and counter-terrorism response programs, as well as seeks to forge connections between current students, alumni, and current field professionals.

Culinary Diplomacy Club The Culinary Diplomacy Club hosts a variety of events and speakers throughout the year that focus on founding member Sam Chapple-Sokol's vision of "using food in cuisine as an instrument to create cross-cultural understanding, in the hopes of improving interactions and cooperation" or "using food to get along with people, to talk to people, and get to know them better."
Decolonizing International Relations Club The DIR Club acts as the sister organization to the DIR Conference, continuing the work of introducing and championing non-Western perspectives and analyses in IR theory and practice. The club hosts speaker events and student-led discussions as well as connecting current students with conference and club alumni.
Eurasia Club The Eurasia Club at The Fletcher School seeks to promote a cultural, historical, political, and economic understanding of the countries of the former Soviet Union. By bringing together students from diverse backgrounds and meeting with experts and practitioners from Russia and Eurasia, the club aims to create lasting connections among individuals, communities, and the region as a whole.
European & Transatlantic Affairs Society (Euro Club) The European Affairs Society provides a forum for the Fletcher community to explore, discuss, debate and celebrate contemporary transatlantic issues. This club aims to develop an understanding of the European community at Fletcher through the organization of engaging activities such as the annual European Conference at Harvard, social gatherings with other schools in the greater Boston area, events with experts on European affairs, dinners, movie showings and book talks.
FLAG (Fletcher Latin America Group) This student network is interested in the study and development of Latin America. They organize diverse academic and social activities such as conferences, visiting speakers from the region, networking opportunities, and social events.
Fletcher Christian Fellowship The Fletcher Christian Fellowship is a non-denominational community of Christians. We hold weekly meetings and semi-regular events to encourage each other, pray with one another, and be in community during our graduate school experience.
Fletcher Consulting Group Fletcher Consulting Group's mission is to create awareness, educate, and prepare members of the Fletcher Consulting Group with the resources and skills to pursue a career in consulting.
Fletcher Curling Club The purpose of Fletcher Curling Club is to bring Fletcher students of all different study backgrounds together in a unique environment, have fun, and get some exercise. Fletcher Curling Club aims to continue the wonderful tradition of curling around the world and to introduce the Fletcher student body, many of whom do not come from a cold-weather country where curling is actively practiced, to this exciting sport. Fletcher Curling Club is welcoming of all students, regardless of background, experience level, or personal objectives, to join, learn about curling, and play in curling matches.
Fletcher Energy and Environment Club (FLEEC) The Fletcher Energy and Environment Club (FLEEC) informs students about climate, environmental and energy debates, developments, issues and events on a local and international level. The club acts as a network and resource for current Fletcher students and alumni to be introduced to or deepen their association with areas within its purview as well as attempts to make research centers, researchers, other students and professors and their research more accessible by hosting speakers, field trips, volunteering events, career networking events, and research seminars.
Fletcher Finance Club Through this club, we intend to share knowledge on finance and banking sector through panel discussion, movie nights and discussions, career networking events.
Fletcher Futbol Fletcher Futbol is the Fletcher School's foremost Sports Diplomacy practitioners club. They believe in using the world's most common language—soccer—to connect students from around the world through a common love of the beautiful game. Fletcher Futbol is a co-ed all-inclusive club, which plays competitively against other graduate schools in the Boston area. Fletcher Futbol is a cultural, professional, and athletic cornerstone of the Fletcher community. Joga bonito.
Fletcher Mahjong Fletcher Mahjong is a fun and inclusive opportunity for Fletcher students with diverse personal and academic interests to get to know each other and learn a new game. Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game from the 1800s, but became popularized in the United States in the 1920s among Chinese-American communities, and later Jewish-American communities. Mahjong is emblematic of the sharing of cultures and communities, not unlike Fletcher, which has celebrated and brought together diverse cultures and traditions.
Fletcher Maritime Affairs Club (FMAC) FMAC augments the Maritime Studies Program at Fletcher through field trips, speakers, and events with public and private entities. We explore the maritime domains through various perspectives: trade, security, energy, just to name a few.
Fletcher Migration Policy Group (FMPG) Fletcher Migration Policy Group (FMPG) provides a platform for Fletcher students to expand their understanding of the complex issues surrounding global migration through dialogue with migrants and migration experts, policy engagement, research, and access to job postings so that Fletcher students can help shift the narrative to center migrant voices through more just and equitable migration policies.
Fletcher Net Impact Fletcher Net Impact believes in using the power of business to make a more socially and environmentally sustainable world. We host events, speakers, networking opportunities, and field trips focused on sustainability, social responsibility, innovation and global shared value. Our parent organization, Net Impact, is a community of more than 30,000 changemakers who are using their jobs to tackle the world's toughest problems. Net Impact members put business skills to work for good throughout every sector.
Fletcher Political Risk Group FPRG coordinates a number of professional and academic opportunities for students at Fletcher, and interested students from partner schools, including workshops, a distinguished speaker series, and professional case competitions. The FPRG is also a venue for emerging thought leadership in the political risk community, primarily by hosting the annual Fletcher Political Risk Conference, and through its official blog.
Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) The Fletcher Social Investment Group (FSIG) is a student-run organization dedicated to the study and practice of impact investing. We connect graduate students at the Fletcher School who are passionate about working in the field of impact investing with social enterprises who are preparing for growth and investment. By providing a range of advisory services, FSIG students can further their skillsets in this field while providing meaningful services to promising social enterprises. Visit
Fletcher South Asia Society A club devoted to promoting lectures series on South Asian topics, sponsoring South Asian cultural events and coordinating South Asian networking receptions.
Fletcher Squash Club Squash club is a chance for fletcher students to connect and play squash. We meet every Tuesday at 6pm and every Friday at 12pm.
Fletcher WILD For the love of everything outdoors. WILD organize hikes, camping trips and more.
Fletcher Women In Business (FWIB) FWIB seeks to create a space for women at Fletcher to connect and empower one another and promote personal and professional development. The goal of the club is to host events and programming that address the unique challenges and needs of professional women at Fletcher.
Francophone Club The Francophone club fosters a community of students that are eager to practice their French language skills and/or attend cultural and political events relating to the Francosphere.
Humanitarian Action Society (HAS) Humanitarian Action Society (HAS) provides a forum for students at Tufts' graduate schools to engage in and promote humanitarian action. This groups coordinates speaker events with subject matter experts (SMEs) and practitioners, advocacy campaigns and events, gatherings with other Boston-area schools, coffee hours, book talks, and more.
International Development Group The International Development Group (IDG) at Fletcher seeks to create a community of individuals committed to the growing field of socioeconomic development in developing countries. In addition to exploring current trends and debates in this field, IDG seeks to generate discussion on the academic, professional, and personal considerations that individuals working in international development encounter.
International Law Society Coming soon.
International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club The International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club strives to promote a constructive dialogue between theoreticians and practitioners, improve implementation and evaluation of practices, and contribute to the development of an interdisciplinary approach in the field of negotiation and conflict resolution.
Japan Club Japan Club seeks to engage students in three ways: policy, culture, and networking. The club host events on politics and policy relevant to Japan, U.S.-Japan relations, and East Asia.
Mapping for Social Impact Training and providing access/exposure to open source and open access mapping software. Providing volunteer support to humanitarian and development projects (social impact projects) through remote mapping support Linking students to real-world social impact projects and associated key actors such as USAID, UN agencies and local NGOs Bringing experts in social impact geospatial analysis to campus to provide insight into opportunities, developments and the general landscape of GIS applications. Creating a vibrant, enthusiastic community to discuss all things mapping!
Minority Land Rights A club for students interested in exploring themes around minority land rights, land loss, heirs rights property, land stewardship, and agriculture.
Music Diplomacy Club A community to create, share, and listen to music and sounds, regardless of skill level: we all have something to share. Music is a window into a culture or community, that crosses boundaries and borders. The Fletcher Music Diplomacy Club seeks to facilitate this exchange, so that we can actively participate in music’s two defining qualities: its ubiquity across human experiences as well as its uniqueness across the world. Club activities will include musical jam sessions, lecture events, public performances, and opportunities to share music within the group.
North Korea Working Group The North Korea Working Group aims to promote understanding of critical policy questions vis a vis North Korea. The group hosts monthly seminars comprised of experts both in and out of campus, yearly conference on pan-Korean security, and happy hours with club members. Issues the group discusses cover security threats posed by North Korea such as nuclear threats as well as cyber threats, human rights violations such as Japanese abductee issue and political prisons in DPRK, etc.
PhD Student Group The PhD Student Group was created to provide Fletcher PhD students with a space to connect and organize both academically and socially, as well as to engage with the broader Fletcher community. The group organizes regular social and networking events for PhD students, as well as outreach events such as an annual "Meet the PhDs" coffee hour.
Pride at Fletcher Pride at Fletcher is a student organization for those who identify as LGBTQIA+ to gather in a safe, inclusive community. It also serves as a platform for LGBTQIA+ folks at Fletcher to host events to raise awareness on LGBTQIA+ issues and serves as a resource for allies and the broader Fletcher community.
Ralph Bunche Society Building on the legacy of Ralph Bunche, The Ralph Bunche Society (RBS) provides a safe space for students to discuss issues of race, class, and culture; it serves as a platform to engage the Fletcher community in considering minority identities and experiences in their careers at Fletcher and beyond. RBS focuses on three areas of engagement: experience, exposure, and expertise. RBS seeks opportunities to partner with the Fletcher Alumni of Color Association (FACA) to strengthen its programming and community (
Religion, Law, & Diplomacy Club The RLD Club examines the intersection of religion with political, social, and cultural power structures.
Running Club The running club unites the Fletcher community around running and exercise. We coordinate weekly runs from Davis Square or Tufts campus, and we encourage all levels of experience and running interest to join us. The club trains for an optional 5K in the fall and spring, but the focus is enjoying the sport of running and connecting with other Fletcher students, staff, and faculty.
Space Law and Policy Club The goal of The Space Law and Policy Club is to equip Fletcher students with the knowledge and skills to better engage with an exciting and emerging field of international law and policy.
Tech@Fletcher Technology is becoming more and more central as both a tool and a player in international affairs. In the rapidly-evolving context of technology in global affairs – from cybersecurity, to crisis mapping, to global internet governance and more. Tech@ Fletcher believes that every student planning to go into international affairs, international law or international business needs to be familiar with the implications of technology in their area of study. Tech@Fletcher aims to have the understanding of technology recognized as a core competency for Fletcher students, regardless of their field of study.
The Fletcher Afghan Evacuation and Resettlement Working Group The Fletcher Afghanistan Evacuation & Resettlement Working Group is a grassroots group of concerned Americans endeavouring to evacuate over 850 of our Afghan allies who are at risk of harm at the hands of the Taliban.
Tufts Energy Conference The Tufts Energy Conference (TEC) is an annual event that brings together professionals, students, and experts from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to discuss critical global energy issues. The conference is organized by students from a broad range of backgrounds including engineering, international affairs, urban planning, and economics.
Women in International Security (WIIS) We are an informal network of female-identifying and non-binary individuals from diverse backgrounds with a shared interest in international security. Through WIIS, we share mentoring and work opportunities, meet with members both within and outside of the Fletcher community with experience in the field, and support one another as we navigate graduate school and life after it.
Working Group on Strategic Competition in the Indo-Pacific (SCIP) SCIP seeks to promote discussion and debate on issues relating to geopolitical maneuvering and contestation in the Indo-Pacific region, particularly within the context of the growing global competition between the United States and China.

Active in the Last Three Years



Art Thinking - forming Your OWN POINT B

In Art Thinking, we reinvent the problem, unlearn to learn, take the risk, and look for uncontested space. Art Thinking helps an individual in the following ways: 1) strengthen critical thinking, 2) learn how to accept new responsibilities, 3) explore less-traveled roads, and 4) last but not least, inspire creativity.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is a safe space for chess enthusiasts to organize play between Fletcher students. From chess noobs to grandmasters, the club is open to all.

China Club

The China Club aims to inform the Fletcher Community of Chinese Culture & International Affairs for the 21st century through a series of academic, professional, and cultural events on the Greater China region to promote understanding and engagement.

Creative Writing Club Founded in 2018, the creative writing club is a group of people who dedicate an hour of their week to creative (non academic) writing. We provide the opportunity to have fun and decompress with fellow Fletcher students while writing about anything and everything.
Diplomat's Hill Golf Course Diplomat's Hill Frisbee Golf Course provides socially distanced, on-campus outdoor activity to bring members of the Fletcher and broader Tufts community together in small groups through the activity of frisbee golf. Set through Tufts University Diplomat's Hill Golf Course's beautiful main campus takes all participants through an open 19 hole golf course. Traditional golf maintains 18 holes, but diplomacy requires extra effort to achieve strategic goals. The spirit of Diplomat's Hill is camaraderie and fun through accessible outdoor activity.
Fermentation Club Fletcher Fermentation Club explores how fermented products know neither time nor borders and have been enjoyed/relied upon by many cultures throughout history. They seek to create a knowledge-sharing community at Fletcher that teaches and learns about the multifaceted wonders of fermentation. We will explore many of the possibilities of fermentation, including beer, wine, cider, kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, cheese, kimchi, yogurt, and tempeh. Previous experience/knowledge not required!
Fletcher Nuclear Affairs Community Fletcher Nuclear Affairs Community provides a forum for Fletcher students to learn about and discuss current nuclear issues. FNAC connects students with relevant networking contacts and opportunities in the areas of nuclear affairs, policy, and security.
MENA Student Association Fletcher Middle East Club's mission is to promote a nuanced understanding of the Middle East among the Fletcher community and help introduce and integrate diverse perspectives.
RPCVs @ Fletcher (Returned Peace Corps Volunteers) The RPCVs at Fletcher group seeks to bring Returned Peace Corps Volunteers together in order to share common experiences, support those RPCVs who have recently returned from their service, and celebrate the different cultures in which we have lived. The club also intends to facilitate opportunities to pursue the Peace Corps' 3rd Goal and develop opportunities for RPCVs to share their experiences with people at Tufts and in the greater Somerville/Medford area through conversations and community service.
United Nations Club The purpose of the Fletcher United Nations club is to strengthen links between Fletcher students and the United Nations (UN); to offer practical advice on securing job opportunities at the UN and to provide job networking opportunities, particularly with alumni; to develop relationships within the Fletcher community among students and faculty with an interest in, or work experience at, the UN, as well as with colleagues from the Harvard Kennedy School chapter of the UN Club; and to promote discussion and debate through relevant events.

*If you would like to reactivate one of these clubs, you wouldn't need to go through a recognition process.