Volunteer Opportunities

Class Secretary

Class secretaries are responsible for soliciting classmates to submit Class Notes updates twice annually. They compile these updates and email them to Alumni Engagement by the indicated deadline (within a 2-3 week timeframe). Additionally, they provide any known contact updates for alumni to the Alumni Engagement office and may at times, disseminate announcements to class list serves. The time commitment for this position is minimal with <1 hour/month required and up to 3 hours/month when the Class Notes are due. Please email fletcheralum@tufts.edu if you're interested.

Club Leader

A Fletcher club volunteer's primary responsibilities are to promote Fletcher within their respective city or country and to provide a forum whereby both local and visiting members of the Fletcher community may connect. Volunteers achieve this by organizing a wide range of events, whose scope is dictated in part by the number of alumni in the area and the number of volunteers. Larger clubs may hold as many as 15 events each year, while the smallest clubs act as points of contact for individual visiting members of the greater Fletcher community. Nearly all programming is volunteer-driven, and in larger cities, may be organized by up to ten club volunteers working together. Visit alumni clubs page for a full list of club leaders. Please email fletcheralum@tufts.edu if you're interested.

Class Fund Agent

The Class Fund Agent works with members of Fletcher's Office of Development and Alumni Engagement to encourage annual participation and solicit giving to The Fletcher Annual Fund among their classmates. Responsibilities include (1) signing an annual appeal letter sent out in the Fall (2) personally updating classmates on the success of the Annual Fund and soliciting their support, and (3) thanking classmates for their gifts to the Annual Fund. Please email fletcherannualfund@tufts.edu if you're interested.

Reunion Volunteer

Reunion volunteers work together with Fletcher's Reunion Coordinator, spearheads reunion planning, and invites their classmates back to The Fletcher School to participate in the celebration. Time commitment is minimal and communication can be completed through email and phone (regardless of location). Responsibilities include working with Reunion Coordinator to (1) recruit classmates to form a Reunion Committee, (2) organize and motivate the Committee to help plan class-specific Reunion events and contact classmates individually and collectively, (3) attend Reunion and encourage Reunion attendance, and (4) encourage support for Reunion Giving to The Fletcher Annual Fund (as coordinated by the Class Fund Agent). Please email fletcherreunion@tufts.edu if you're interested.