Frequently Asked Questions - Waitlist

How does Fletcher’s waitlist process work?

The Admissions Committee offers places on the waitlist to a select group of candidates each admissions cycle. Applicants who receive an offer must decide whether they wish to keep their application under review by remaining on the waitlist. If places in the incoming class become available, generally after April 20 when all admitted candidates have made their enrollment decision, the Admissions Committee will fill the class with candidates who have elected to remain on the waitlist. The Admissions Committee uses the same criteria for evaluating waitlisted candidates for admission as it does for those admitted initially. Application feedback is not available to applicants who elect to remain on the waitlist, as their applications are still under active consideration.

The Admissions Office will periodically update candidates regarding the status of the waitlist. In addition, waitlist candidates should feel free to contact the Admissions Office for updates.

Is the waitlist ranked?

The waitlist is not ranked. When spaces in the class are available, the Admissions Committee will review all interested candidates.

How many candidates are on the waitlist?

The number of candidates on the waitlist will vary from year to year, and is only clear after April 20, when all candidates offered a place on the waitlist must reply to the offer. Even after that time, the total number of candidates on the waitlist has no bearing on the number of offers of admission from the waitlist in a given year.

How many candidates will be admitted from the waitlist?

The number of candidates admitted from the waitlist varies from year to year depending on available places in the class. Please note that the Admissions Committee has admitted candidates from the waitlist every year for the last ten years.

When can I expect to hear about admission?

The Admissions Committee will begin reviewing waitlist candidates in early May. Many admissions offers to candidates on the waitlist are made in May; however, offers may continue throughout the late spring and summer. The waitlist will remain active until the incoming class is full, and the Admissions Office will notify remaining candidates when the waitlist is closed.

Can I submit additional materials in support of my candidacy?

While you are not required to provide additional information, you are welcome to submit supplementary materials in support of your candidacy. Examples include resume updates, an extra letter of recommendation, new grades or test scores, and written updates for the Admissions Committee to consider. Not submitting additional information or materials does not jeopardize your chances of being offered admission from the waitlist. Please email any supplemental materials as a PDF attachment to

Can I schedule an appointment with the Admissions Office?

Yes. The staff of the Admissions Office is pleased to discuss the waitlist with you via phone or email, or in person. While we are not able to offer evaluative interviews to waitlisted candidates, we encourage you to visit Fletcher and our office if you have the opportunity to do so.

Is scholarship aid available for students admitted from the waitlist?

Typically yes. Awards will be made on the basis of merit and need.

What should I do about offers of admission from other institutions?

If you know that you definitely want to attend graduate school in the upcoming semester, then you should accept the offer of admission from another institution to guarantee your place in their class. If you are ultimately offered admission at The Fletcher School and decide to enroll, then you will need to notify the other institution immediately.

When and how do I respond to Fletcher’s waitlist offer? 

You should respond electronically via your Application Status page by April 20 to accept or decline your spot on the waitlist. Candidates offered admission from the waitlist will typically have two weeks within which to respond to the offer.

Can I defer my admission if admitted?

No, candidates admitted from the waitlist are not eligible to request deferrals.