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Can I visit Fletcher?

The fall 2020 semester at Fletcher is operating entirely remotely, and as such it is not possible to access Fletcher facilities as a visitor. Updates regarding building access for visitors and the spring 2021 semester will be available on the website later in the fall.

Do you give campus tours?

The Fletcher complex will not be accessible to visitors during the fall 2020 semester. The undergraduate Office of Admissions offers a campus tour program during full University operations, but that program has been suspended until further notice.

Are interviews required?

The interview is highly recommended, but is not a required component of the admissions process. Personal evaluative interviews are an excellent way for applicants to share information and to learn how The Fletcher School will help them meet their academic and professional goals.

How do I set up an interview?

The Zoom-based interview program runs from September-December. To schedule an interview, please click on the below link.

Click here to schedule a Zoom interview.

PhD program interviews may be arranged by contacting the Office of Admissions (+1 617-627-3040 or Because only a limited number of interviews can be accommodated each day, you should try to schedule your interview well in advance of the date you wish to visit.

What else should I know about interviews?

Most interviews will be conducted by current Fletcher students. In order to be eligible for a Zoom interview, you must upload a copy of your résumé (c.v.) during the registration process. You can schedule an interview and see further details here.

Do I schedule an interview before or after I submit my application?

Interviews should be completed one week before your application is submitted.

Who conducts admissions interviews?

Evaluative interviews are generally conducted by carefully selected and trained current Fletcher students, though members of the Admissions staff also conduct interviews when needed. The interviewer will ask about your goals and ability to succeed at Fletcher and the interviewer's notes will become part of your application file.

How should I prepare for my interview?

We recommend that you research The Fletcher School and its programs prior to the interview. Please be prepared to discuss your past experiences, your career goals, and why you are interested in the Fletcher program. Please dress as you would for any job interview and have available a copy of your résumé or curriculum vitae.