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Who enrolls in the spring semester?

Similar to the fall semester, a highly diverse group of students begin their studies in the spring semester. Though a smaller group enrolls, you will find that students come from all over the world and represent many different professional backgrounds. Spring enrollment is open to MALD, MIB, and MA candidates only.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the spring semester?

The most significant benefit of beginning in the spring semester is having two summers to pursue opportunities such as internships, language study, and capstone project research. Additionally, students have extended time to plan for and complete their capstone project. By spanning three academic years, students who start their studies in January also have exposure to a broader network of Fletcher students.

Is financial aid available?

Yes, scholarship aid is available. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of a holistic review of your application and assessment of financial need. Additionally, eligible students may still apply for loans guaranteed by the U.S. federal government. Students may apply for private educational loans as well.

Will my course selection be impacted?

No. As very few courses have prerequisites, it is generally easy for a student who begins in the spring semester to take his/her desired courses throughout four semesters. While some classes are offered in the fall or spring only, students are largely able to take their preferred classes during their four semesters.

Are the degree requirements different?

No. Students must meet the credit requirement (16 courses for MALDs, 18 courses for MIBs, 8 courses for MAs); fulfill the breadth requirement (MALD & MA) or core curriculum (MIBs); complete two Fields of Study (MALD & MIB); complete a capstone project; and participate in the Professional Development Program.

When will I participate in the Professional Development Program?

The Office of Career Services will offer the full Professional Development Program to students beginning in January in the first semester. Please note that it is helpful to start thinking about a potential summer internship before enrolling.

Is housing available?

Yes. Off-campus housing is typically available. Blakeley Hall, Fletcher’s on-campus residence hall, is not available for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Is it easier or harder to be admitted for the spring semester?

Neither. The Admissions Committee uses the same criteria to evaluate candidates for admission.

Am I still eligible for exchange opportunities, dual degree programs, and cross registration?

Yes, you may participate in all opportunities available to Fletcher students.

Is it easy to integrate into the Fletcher community in the middle of the academic year?

Absolutely. Fletcher is known for its incredibly strong sense of community. Students beginning in the spring semester have an added benefit – a small group to bond with from the start and a warm welcome from the larger Fletcher community.

Will I be able to obtain a visa in time?

Yes. International students will work closely with the International Student Advisor at Fletcher to navigate the visa process.