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Pursue meaningful research, create lasting change

Our Ph.D. programs areĀ one important way we deliver on our mission of increasing understanding of crucial international issues. Our doctoral research not only contributes to academic literature, but also plays a role in addressing pressing policy problems in areas like security policy, economic development, energy, and environmental policy.

Working with our internationally respected faculty, students engage in meaningful fieldwork grounded in rigorous research methods and supported by a framework of comprehensive theory.

Our graduates go on to become well-respected thought leaders in academia and research, as well as the non-profit, government, and private sectors. They spend their careers producing research that makes meaningful contributions to both theory and practice, and builds on our long-standing reputation as a hub for meaningful discourse on the current state of international affairs.

Ph.D. in Economics and Public Policy

Aimed at producing new scholars and policymakers to address critical issues centered on economic development, energy needs associated with economic growth, and the environmental and climate consequences of progress.

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