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Build purposeful skills and expertise to propel you on the fast track into an impactful global career.

Program Details

  • Degree Earned: MGA
  • Program Length: 16 Months 
  • Full-time or Part-time options 
  • Trimester schedule 
  • Residential with summer hybrid option 

Why Earn a Master in Global Affairs

Fletcher’s Master in Global Affairs will provide you with a focused, yet interdisciplinary education in international relations. This degree is ideal for students who are interested in taking a deep dive into a single field of study and immediately pursue a career path in that area. You will build transferable knowledge and valuable experience in skills courses, the practicum, and internship opportunities. 

Why Earn Your Master in Global Affairs at Fletcher

  • Complete your degree in an accelerated time frame and return to the workforce in 16 months, ready to pursue your professional goals. 
  • Benefit from Fletcher’s outstanding reputation for interdisciplinary global education, which allows you to master your field of study, as well as comprehend the fields and factors that influence it.
  • Gain practical experience and knowledge through the practicum course, engaging with faculty and external experts on real-world issues.

Degree Requirements and Curriculum

The MGA is comprised of 14 courses (42 course credits).

Division Requirements

Learn more about Fletcher course options and our three divisional classifications. Review the full degree requirements

Part-time MGA students need to take a minimum of 2 full-credit classes (6 SHUs) per term, including during two summer terms. International students must pursue the program on a full-time basis to maintain their immigration status. Students must select the full-time or the part-time option during the admissions process. Once enrolling on a part- or full-time basis, students cannot change their enrollment status unless there are compelling circumstances. The maximum time to complete the MGA degree part time is 28 months.  Students who are enrolled on a part-time basis will not be permitted to audit any courses. Part-time students should be aware that most classes at Fletcher take place during working hours.  

Skills Courses

Choose 2 skills courses.

  • DHP D208M Research Methods and Scholarship
  • DHP D218 Influencing Policy and the Global Debate: Writing Analysis and Opinion 
  • DHP D220 Processes of International Negotiation
  • DHP D225 Conflict Resolution Practice 
  • DHP D243M Overview of Survey Methods 
  • DHP D245M Advanced Field Methods Research: Difficult Research Environments and Vulnerable Populations 
  • DHP P203 Analytic Frameworks for International Public Policy Decisions 
  • DHP P207 GIS for International Applications
  • DHP P225 Design, Monitoring and Evaluation of Peacebuilding and Development Programming 
  • DHP P234 The Arts of Communication 
  • DHP P250 Environmental Problem Solving 
  • EIB B205 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods 
  • EIB B206 Data Analysis and Statistical Methods for Business
  • EIB B262 Marketing Research and Analysis 
  • EIB B291 Leadership Building Teams, Organizations, and Shaping Your Path 
  • EIB E210M Quantitative Methods
  • EIB E213 Econometrics 
  • EIB E214 International Economic Policy Analysis 
  • EIB E247 Econometric Impact Evaluation for Development
  • ILO L215 Ethics in the Practice of Foreign Affairs


Field of Study

Choose 5-6 courses (required), of which 1 must be a practicum course.

Fields of Study are the basic building blocks of the Fletcher curriculum and enable students to develop a specific set of skills related to a functional topic or geographic area. 

Explore Fields of Study



The required practicum course is directly related to your chosen field of study. You will work with a faculty member, as well as external experts, who will guide and assess your work. Moreover it will provide a real world project for you to add to your experience and resume.



Internship opportunities will be available and can be completed for credit, equivalent to one course. Fletcher staff be available to help match you with an internship related to your field of study.

Professional Development Program

This program provides guidance on all aspects of career development, including building a strategic résumé, strengthening your cover letter, perfecting your interview skills, and more.

Financing Your Education

With only a 16 month commitment, the MGA is a more affordable investment in your career growth. In addition, we offer a range of financial aid options including scholarship aid, work-study and on-campus employment, federally guaranteed loans, and private educational financing. Learn more