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EIB B231: International Business Strategy and Operations

Course Description

This course examines strategic decision making in multinational enterprises (MNEs). It provides a series of analytic frameworks that managers can use to assess the global environment and the options available to MNEs for competing globally. In particular, the course considers the internationalization process, tensions between global integration and local responsiveness, and their implications for organizational design and business strategy. A subset of the course considers the relevance of these concepts and tools to other multinational actors such as international NGOs. The course also provides an opportunity to consider the roles of political risk, the regulatory environment, and civil unrest as factors in strategic decision-making. The pedagogy is primarily case-based, drawing on examples of MNEs based both in the global North and in emerging markets.

Course duration: Full semester
Credits/Units: 3.0

Spring 2020

Rafel Crespi-Cladera
Room: Mugar 200
Day(s): Tuesday
Time: 3:20 pm - 5:20 pm
SIS number: 24330

Final Exam

Consult instructor for exam details